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Call for Events Respekt! Diversity Day + Respekt! Academy 2023

Thursday 5 January 2023

There is news from the initiative Respekt! Time for diversity, time for sustainability: The Respekt! Event series will be integrated into the Respekt! Diversity Day and the Respekt! Academy. This will create more opportunities for participation in Respekt! events. In addition, diversity and (social) sustainability will be addressed even more strongly at the H-BRS throughout the year. Thus, the new measures of the Respekt! initiative also contribute to achieving the goals of the diversity strategy of the H-BRS.

We would like to present the new offers to you here:


Respekt! Diversity Day

  • Event with conference character (1.5 days with evening event), similar to the established events "Day of Teaching" and "Day of Research" at the H-BRS
  • Promoting networking among diversity stakeholders and interested parties
  • Will take place on 11 May in 2023


Respekt! Academy

  • Is offered all year round
  • Compared to the Respekt! Event series, more events can be included in the programme
  • More flexibility for actors, as there is no time frame and events can also be included in the programme at short notice
  • Any regularly planned event related to diversity or (social) sustainability can become part of the Respekt! Academy programme and be promoted by the Respekt! team of the H-BRS
  • Events within the framework of the Respekt! Diversity Day are also part of the Respekt! Academy


For both formats, we welcome applications until Tuesday, 14 February 2023. Any event that fits the theme of diversity and/or sustainability can be applied for. Events that are already planned can be included in the programme, as well as events that are specifically designed. For the Respekt! Academy, we will accept new event registrations at any time. 


Detailed information on programme registration can be found in the pdf "Call for Events" further down on this page.

We look forward to a colourful programme for 2023!


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