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Vice President for International Affairs and Diversity (VP3)

Dealing with disability in higher education



Monday, 05 December 2022


17:00 - 18:00

Online event

Webex (in German)


Disability, chronic and mental illness at universities and in research

The Diversity Management of H-BRS as part of the Respekt! initiative cordially invites you to the talk "Dealing with Disabilities, Chronic and Mental Illnesses at Universities and in Research" . The talk is part of the Respekt! Inklusiv series "Talk Inklusiv".
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Inclusion in higher education and research: an aspect that attracts a lot of interest, but is still little known about. The Corona pandemic in particular has shown that an inclusive society is important for everyone. In "Talk Inclusive: Dealing with Disability at Universities", listeners get to know the topic of inclusion in higher education and research in greater depth. Our speaker Andrea Schöne is a consultant and author in the field of ableism, accessibility and inclusion; her book "Behinderung und Ableismus" (Disability and Ableism) was published by Unrast Verlag in October 2022.


The lecture will include the following questions:

  • What is the study access situation for students with disabilities, chronic and mental illnesses?
  • Does ableism and classism play a role in research?
  • What power relations are linked to academic education and access, as well as to degrees?
  • What impact does neoliberalism have on the higher education system and access for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses?

This will be followed by a 15-minute discussion.

The speaker will share her own experiences as a student with disabilities and first-time academic in Germany, as well as from her Erasmus Bachelor's semester abroad and subsequent Master's studies in Italy. The academic background of the talk comes from the research fields of sociology, cultural and social sciences, disability studies and criticism of capitalism.