7 \\ Information on Scholarships

There are many ways to finance your studies in Germany and International students can apply for scholarships at numerous institutions. Please note, that we do not offer scholarships from the University, but you could apply for one yourself at different organizations, institutes and official foundations. To find out which programme is right for you, we recommend you to check out the DAAD’s scholarship database.

Furthermore, please also check the following scholarship opportunities offered by different organizations and institutions to international students in Germany:

E-fellows scholarship




Especially political foundations provide students with financial aid as well as incredible networks.

The DAAD offers general additional Information on Scholarships on their Website.  

The deadlines and further information are indicated on the respective websites. 

Earning extra money by working part-time or applying for an internship

In addition to applying for a scholarship programm, there are some more possibilities to earn some extra money during your studies. As our programme has seminars Friday afternoons and Saturdays only,  the other way to support yourself while you study and simultaneously get more international work experience, is to make use of Bonn’s internationality. Bonn might not sound like it, but it is an international hub. We are home to several UN-agency HQs, and hundreds of NGOs and international organizations. For more information, please check the Website of Bonn International.