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FAQs for MBA Applicants and Starters

Thinking about postgraduate study in Germany can give international students a lot to consider. To help, here are answers to the most common questions in the international MBA Program "CSR & NGO Management". ​

If you are a future student wishing to study at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences (H-BRS) you can search our FAQs below or ask us a question: 

If you are a current student of our university, please visit FAQs for MBA Students for other frequently asked questions (FAQs) most relevant for enrolled students of our MBA Program. 

Application requirements & deadlines

What are the admission requirements?

To be admitted to the master’s degree program, applicants are required to submit evidence of an undergraduate degree worth at least 210 ECTS credits and a minimum of one year of professional experience after the completion of their undergraduate degree. If the undergraduate degree has fewer than 210 ECTS credits, but a minimum of 180 ECTS credits, students must complete a one-semester internship within the study period. To apply to our MBA Program, applicants must submit their applications together with the following documents:
- A university degree (bachelor's degree or higher)
- One year of work experience (after acquiring the first degree)
​- English proficiency adequate for the program
- Proof of sufficient funds for the entire study period

What is meant by "ECTS" and what does it mean?

The ECTS credit system is been created and implemented Europe-wide to make it easier for students to move between countries and to have their academic qualifications and study periods abroad recognized. For more information on the "European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System" (ECTS), please read the respective website section of the European Commission

Which academic qualifications are required?
​- A university degree (bachelor's degree or higher)
- One year of work experience (after acquiring the first degree)
​- English proficiency adequate for the program
- Proof of sufficient funds for the entire study period

I have not finished my Bachelor's Degree yet. Can I apply for the MBA anyway?

A Bachelor's Degree plus at least one year of work experience is required. Contact us directly and let us know which year you would like to start.

I am a refugee. Can I apply for the MBA Program?​

Refugees can apply like all other applicants with foreign certificates to H-BRS and have to submit all required documents and to go through the same application procedure. An application with missing documents cannot be considered. Nonetheless, H-BRS has found a response to the challenging situation of many refugees by offering different tailored initiatives to refugees

How do I apply?

Application is only accepted in a digital format (e.g. PDF files) through our university online application platform. Only complete applications will be considered. The submission of application documents via e-mail is not possible.

Is it possible to apply by E-Mail?

No, this is not possible. Applications sent via E-Mail cannot be considered. Applications to our MBA Program must go through our universities online application platform.

When does the application period start?

The application period starts yearly on 01 December. Starting from this date, the online application platform is open for applicants, and application documents can be uploaded.

What are the annual application deadlines?

If visa required: 30 April
If no visa is required: 31 July

What is the intake frequency?

The MBA Program starts once a year, so new students can only start in the winter term. Generally, Welcome Week starts every year in mid-September. The exact date will be announced to all admitted applicants via e-mail early in advance.

Application documents

1. Which application documents do I have to submit?
Your application should include the following documents (all documents have to be submitted in English):
​- Degree certificate(s), transcript(s) and description of the grading system
​- Job reference letter (that certifies one year of professional experience)
​- English language certificate
​- Curriculum Vitae
​- Letter of motivation
​- Copies of your passport (incl. flipside)
- Holders of university degrees from Vietnam and China: APS certificate

2. Should I provide a CV? Is there a required format?
Yes, please submit a CV without gaps that cover the time up to your application date. We require no particular format/layout. However, the CV should ideally be a chronological table.

3. Should I provide a motivation letter and what is the ideal length for the motivation letter?
​This letter outlines your motivation and interest in our master's programme. The motivation letter should ideally not be longer than one page (A4 format) or approximately 1.000-1.500​ characters​.

4. Do I have to attach a transcript to my application documents?
Transcripts should provide full details of the degree and grades you received in each unit or module. Please add all detailed semester and study transcripts to the graduation diploma of your university degree certificate. If your diploma does not include the course name and ECTS credits of your completed courses, please include an official transcript or proof of credits. You’ll normally receive this from your university registrar's office.

5. Do I need certified English translations of all application documents? Do they need to be notarized?
If your documents are not in English, they should be accompanied by a formal certified translation into English. Certified copies of all university certificates, degree certificates and, if available, diploma supplements must be submitted in the original language and as a translation. Notarisation of documents is not necessary.

► Application upload

1. Can I find out if I am eligible before I submit an application?
​Yes, you can find our eligibility criteria on our website.

2. Do I need to submit all the application materials at the same time?
No, all application materials do not need to be submitted at the same time, but you should aim to have all your documents uploaded by the deadline. 

3. Can I upload a document to my application account later?
Yes, this is possible. Log in to the universities online application platform. Applicants should consider that we cannot decide until our office has received all the required documents. All documents must be uploaded before the deadline. 

4. Can I delete or replace a document that I have uploaded to my application account?
After the final submission of your application, no deletion or replacement of documents is possible anymore. However, missing documents can still be uploaded at a later point. If you have uploaded a duplicate document, do not worry, this will not affect your application.

5. I forgot my account login details. What should I do?
You can request a new password on the university online application platform. Enter your user ID and your date of birth. A new password will be sent to the e-mail address you provided. If you lost all of your login details, please send an email stating your name, date of birth, course you applied for, and application number to Ensure that you enter "Password Request" as the subject.

► Language requirements

1. What are the required test scores for the TOEFL/IELTS?
Your application must be accompanied by proof of your language skills. Your proficiency in the teaching language must be good enough for you to follow the lessons and actively participate. Students must provide proof of sufficient English languages skills, such as the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a minimum iBT-Score of 79, or an IELTS Academic/Indicator of at least 6.0. Language proficiency certificates must be submitted with the application and may not be older than two years at the time of application​.

2. Do native speakers also have to submit an English certificate?
No, native speakers of English don’t need to submit a language certificate. International students who have a degree from an institution where all courses are taught in English also don’t need to provide a language certificate.

3. Will I be required to pass a German language test?
No. As the teaching language of our MBA Program is English, students are neither required to prove German language skills nor pass a German language test. The entire programme is conducted in English.

► Transcripts, records, diplomas

1. Is there a minimum GPA requirement for this MBA Program?
Because applicants come from a wide variety of academic backgrounds and have taken courses that vary by difficulty and level, we do not have a minimum GPA requirement. The Admissions Committee will consider these factors when evaluating the candidate’s GPA, along with all of the other admissions criteria.

2. My GPA is based on a different grading scale than the one you are using. Should I convert my GPA to the ECTS-scale?
No, you do not need to convert your grades. The Admission Committee will make the necessary conversion when they start going through the applications.

► Work experience

1. What counts as work experience?
To be admitted to the master’s degree programme, applicants are required to prove at least one year of professional experience after completion of their undergraduate degree. Relevant work experience will be individually reviewed by the Admissions Committee. However, it is not required to have experience in the CSR or NGO sector when applying for our MBA Program. Volunteering activities cannot be considered as regular work experience. Paid or unpaid placements or traineeships should be described in the work experience section of the CV, but have to be verified individually by the Admissions Committee.

► Telephone Interview

1. When should I expect an invitation to the telephone interview?
Approximately two weeks after the expiration of the respective application due date (30th March/30th June), all applicants who passed the first step successfully (check of the application documents) will be invited via e-mail to the next and last step, the telephone interview. Interviews are conducted by invitation only, they cannot be requested by applicants.

2. What will I be asked during the telephone interview, and how can I prepare for it?
The interviews will be conducted according to standardized procedures and are based on a questionnaire drafted by the Admissions Committee.​ Minutes will be taken of the interview. Applicants will be interviewed about their motivation, their academic background, and their professional experience. English language skills will also be assessed. There will be no questions about professional knowledge.

3. How long will the interview last and who will be my interviewer?
The telephone interview will last approximately 15-20 minutes and will be conducted by one of the administrative directors of the MBA Program.

4. When can I expect the interview results?
After the telephone interview, all applicants will receive feedback on the final decision by e-mail within two weeks.

► Admission & Rejection

1. What is the admissions process?
After you have submitted your application and uploaded all the necessary supporting documents, the admissions process begins. There are numerous offices involved in processing your application. First, every application is checked by the central admissions office. If all requirements are fulfilled, the MBA Management Team will invite you by e-mail to the final step of the application process, the telephone interview. After the interview, admissions are decided by the MBA Admissions Committee. Every official admission offer is made by the central registrar’s office on behalf of the University.

2. How will my application be evaluated?
The Admissions Committee will consider the following  criteria when evaluating applications:
​- Completeness of the application documents
​- Fulfillment of the eligibility requirements
​- Quality of the telephone interview

3. How and when will I be informed whether I have been accepted?
Within four weeks after the application deadline (31st March / 30th June), all applicants will be informed of the final decision by e-mail.

4. How and when can I find out about the progress of my application?
You can track the progress of your application in your graduate admissions self-service account.​​ Around two weeks after the application deadline (31 March or 30 June), applicants will be informed by e-mail about the first feedback from the Admissions Committee and will be invited to the telephone interview. For this reason, applicants should make sure to check their e-mails regularly.

5. Will I receive feedback in case of rejection?
Decisions on admissions and rejections will be sent out by the Registrar’s Office by e-mail. Please note that due to the huge number of applicants, we cannot respond to individual requests about the results.

6. Can I try applying again?
Every applicant will receive an e-mail about the final decision (admission or rejection) from the Admissions Committee. Rejected applicants will receive a reason for the rejection. If the error is correctable, applicants must fix it until the next application period. It is generally possible to reapply for a later admission date (unless there are other valid reasons which would lead to a renewed rejection).  

► I have been accepted, now what?

1. When do I submit hard copies of my documentation after admission?
After official admission by our Registrar’s Office, you’ll receive an E-mail with short instructions on the next steps. You’ll have to submit a certified copy of your full graduation certificate (including the diploma supplement, transcript, etc.). Please do not send in original documents by mail, as your application papers will not be sent back to you.

2. When does the enrolment period start?
The enrolment period starts yearly on 01 August.

3. I require an enrolment certificate to apply for a visa. Will the university provide me one?​
Please contact the MBA Management Team directly for such requests.

4. Can I postpone my enrolment until next year?
Yes, once you’ve been accepted, you can postpone your enrolment until the following year, but not later. However, you must submit your application documents again through the university online application platform. The online application platform opens for new applicants every year on 01 December. Please inform the MBA Management Team as soon as possible, if you decide to postpone your enrolment to the next year.

► Financing & Payments

1. How much is the tuition for the MBA Program?
The tuition fee for the entire 3-semester program is EUR 14.640 (3 installments of EUR 4.880 per semester). Every additional semester needed to finalize the MBA won’t be charged with extra tuition fees. However, you need to pay the semester contribution for every additional semester.

2. Do you offer financial aid to MBA Students?
Our university does not offer financial aid or scholarships, but you can apply for such programs at different organizations, institutes, and official foundations. Please read more to this on our website section "Information on Scholarships" for this purpose.

3. Till when do I have to transfer the tuition fee and the semester contribution?
Both, the tuition fee and the semester contribution​, must be transferred to the H-BRS bank account before your enrolment day. Please consider that it usually takes between 7-14 days for international transfers to come through, sometimes longer.

4. I want to transfer the study fees to the H-BRS bank account. What is the bank account information for money transfers to H-BRS?
Recipient: Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg
Account no.: 33000705
Bank identification number (BIN): 37050299
Bank: Kreissparkasse Köln
IBAN: DE69 3705 0299 0033 000705
As the reason for payment, please enter your full name as stated in your ID as well as your matriculation number (if applicable).

5. I am having trouble transferring money from my home country, but the admission letter says the money must be transferred by the students in person. Is it possible to have someone else transfer money for me?
Yes, someone else can transfer this money to you. However, it needs to be clear in the statement which student the transfer is intended for. The student's name needs to be clearly stated.

6. When do I get a confirmation that you have received the deposit money I transferred?
It usually takes between 7-14 days for international transfers to come through, sometimes longer. H-BRS will send you a confirmation as soon as the money is on our account.

► Visa, Insurance, Housing

1. How do I apply for a visa/ residence permit?
We recommend that all admitted applicants apply for a visa as soon they receive the admission letter and have all the documentation ready for the appointment at the embassy or consulate. 

2. What are my accommodation options?​​
Your accommodation options really depend on your budget and on where in the Rhein-Sieg-Region you prefer to live. On-campus housing is available at both campuses. This type of accommodation is generally fully catered, with single bedrooms and shared amenities. Most MBA Students live off-campus, either in private flats or in student housing offered by the Student's Union Bonn (In German: "Studierendenwerk Bonn"). ​You can find all sorts of accommodation listed on our "Visa, Insurance and Housing" page.


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