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Accreditation is the process by which university´s are certified on the level of competency or credibility of their Programmes and a good way to check the quality of a university´s study programme. Accreditation organizations evaluate the quality standards of a business school's teaching, faculty, services, and students, among other things. Therefore, accreditation can be thought of as quality assurance for educational programs, which is meant to improve and maintain the standard of collegiate business education.
Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg

The MBA in CSR & NGO Management programme is accredited by the independent accreditation organizastion AQAS, the official German Agency for the Accreditation of study programs. The first accreditation for the Master of Business Administration in CSR & NGO Management programme was approved in September 2009 and expired at the end of 2014. The re-accreditation was granted in February 2017 by AQAS (Agency for Quality Assurance) until September 2021.

AQAS is an independent and professional agency for external quality assurance in the field of Higher Education with a long-standing tradition and vast experiences mainly in programme and institutional accreditation in Germany and on international level. AQAS is supported by more than 80 member institutions, both higher education institutions (HEIs) and academic associations, and is service-oriented towards HEIs. AQAS was founded in 2002 and has accredited more than 5,500 study programmes at universities and universities of applied sciences so far, including numerous programmes outside of Germany. Since January 2009, AQAS has also accredited quality assurance systems of higher education institutions both in Germany and abroad.

The Criteria for Programme Accreditation by AQAS

The AQAS criteria are subdivided into seven domains:

  1. Policy and Procedures for Quality Assurance
  2. Quality of the Curriculum
  3. Learning, Teaching and Assessment of Students
  4. Student Admission, Progression, Recognition, and Certification
  5. Teaching Staff
  6. Learning Resources and Student Support
  7. Information

To facilitate the work of HEIs and experts, AQAS defined several indicators that can support the fulfilment of the respective criterion. The fulfilment of the above mentioned criteria is been demonstrated through the fulfilment of indicators by the MBA programme staff members.

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