CSR Competence Centre

von-Liebig-Str. 20
A 264
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+49 2241 865 9675
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lisa.schrade [at] h-brs.de
Since 2016 the university (in cooperation with the IHK Bonn-Rhein-Sieg) takes the responsibility for a project on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
Logo der CSR-Tagung 2018

The aim is to raise the awareness of small and mid-sized enterprises (SME) for the topic of corporate social responsibility as well as to implement CSR as a management approach and concept for responsible business management. By the conception and implementation of workshops, consulting hours and information events the SME from the region ought to be activated and advised of the topic.

The primary task of the university in this context is the scientific monitoring. On the one hand this takes place in the form of an initial observation on the status quo of CSR in SME, on the other hand there is an empirical survey on the topic “How can I measure CSR in a company?” as well as an accompanying evaluation of events of the CSR Competence Centre (partly in cooperation with the IHK).

Further tasks of the Competence Centre are the conception and implementation of various basic lectures on CSR, the establishment of a pool for CSR-related theses and practice projects as well as the promotion of CSR-oriented practical semesters. 

Due to the cooperation with the IHK there is a close communication between research, teaching and practice. Practical relevant questions are being addressed by the companies to the university via workshops, information events etc. and vice versa the scientific knowledge is being transferred to the students and to the practice. This means that trained specialists and managers who are sensitised to CSR can be made available to the companies. In this respect the CSR Competence Centre Bonn-Rhein-Sieg serves as a further important milestone for the university on the road to the expansion of its application-oriented research and teaching profile in the area of “Sustainable Corporate Development”.