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Department of Management Sciences

FAQ´s for MBA Starters

These are the most frequently asked questions our admissions officers and coordinators receive from prospective students interested in the MBA Program, ordered by categories:

Enrolment & Welcome Week

How do I enroll?

Enrolment is to be made at the Registrar´s Office of our University and is only possible on Campus Sankt Augustin. New students must appear in person on the campus site. Enrolment is also possible to be made online. Any outstanding financial obligations to the University need to be paid before you can enroll. For enrolment, please note the office hours of the Registrar´s office.

When is the enrolment period?

The enrollment period for the MBA program annually starts on 1st August. The latest possibility to enroll new students into the MBA program is annually the day before the welcome week kick-off date.

Which documents do I have to bring for enrolment?​

In order to become fully enrolled, you need to make sure that you bring everything that is listed on your pre-enrolment certificate in the e-mail that you´ll receive from the Registrar´s Office after your official admission. Before the enrolment date, you should upload your portrait picture via your personal online application account before the enrolment date in order to be equipped with your personal student ID-Card and so being able to make use of public transportation, the dining halls, and other student facilities and special offers.​ There are at least 6 documents that you'll have to bring (if applicable: plus other documents that are mentioned in the letter of acceptance)

  1. three printed and signed versions of the pre-registration form, accessible via your personal online application account
  2. letter of acceptance from the registrar's office
  3. identity card or passport
  4. original diploma documents (or a legalized copy of the translation)
  5. proof of payment of the tuition fees and the semester contribution fee from a bank
  6. proof of a German health insurance membership​
When is the Welcome Week and how long does it go?

The Welcome Week is tailored to all new students of our MBA Programme and it generally starts mid of September annually and lasts one and a half weeks, however it includes the first basic introductory classes of the first semester. 

What is the schedule of Welcome Week?

Each year, Welcome Week kicks off in mid of September. New students will receive a personal schedule upon checking in for the MBA program. During Welcome Week, the MBA Support team introduces new students to the MBA program and to the University Campus. Introduction classes will start on the second day of the welcome week. Of course, there is also space for a Get Together with students from the former batches during a common BBQ on the campus. Furthermore, our students will have the honor to be welcomed at the Old Town Hall in the City of Bonn during a formal official opening ceremony. The latest dates within the Welcome Week can be found on LEA, the internal e-learning application for students (password required). 

What is required to bring with me to the Welcome Week?

On your first day at our University, you´ll be equipped with all necessary materials for the first few weeks: a Welcome Week folder that includes all information on your studies and your first semester in our MBA program. Your MBA Support team will guide you through your first days and inform you in case of required materials. Needless to say, you of course should have writing materials at hand in order to make personal notes during the Welcome Week sessions and courses.

Do I have to register for participation in Welcome Week?

​Registration for participation is not necessary, however, attendance in the Welcome Week program is mandatory for every new student in the MBA program.

Is it mandatory to attend the Welcome Week events?

Yes, participation in Welcome Week is mandatory for each new student in the MBA program.

What is the consequence if I miss Welcome Week?

Missing the Welcome Week program equals missing your first classes. This means you´ll miss valuable information for your studies and course material that is relevant for your Exam in "Basics of CSR & NGO Management". Exemptions from the Welcome Week (fully or partially) are only accepted by students who demonstrate Visa issuing conflicts early in advance to the MBA Support Team. The latest due date for exemption requests is two weeks before the Welcome Week kick-off day. 

Studies organization

What is the re-registration period?

If you wish to continue your studies at the end of the current semester, you must re-register within the re-registration deadlines by paying the semester contribution fee and the tuition fee for the next upcoming semester period in advance. The re-registration periods for the respective upcoming semester are as follows:
Summer semester: December 15 to January 15
Winter semester: June 15 to July 15

Which amount has to be paid for re-registration and how can I transfer the payment?

Please transfer the total amount to the bank account of the University Bonn-Rhein-Sieg within the re-registration period (see period above). The booking of the payment is decisive: for the summer semester by 15 January at the latest, for the winter semester by 15 July at the latest. Please transfer the payment in one amount to the University´s bank account: 

Recipient: Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg
Bank Account-No.: 33000705
Bank Code: 37050299
Bank Institute: Kreissparkasse Köln
IBAN: DE69 3705 0299 0033 000705

Purpose of Payment: Student-ID number and your full name
You can check your personal status in your personal SIS Account (password required).

If you don’t pay the required amount in time, a late payment fee of Euro 20 EUR will be charged. This fee and the deficit have to be transferred within a certain extension period. If we don’t receive your payment before the extension deadline you will be exmatriculated from the student´s register by the end of the current semester. 

What is the academic calendar like?

The academic year at almost every German public university and so at the  Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences is divided into two semesters: The autumn semester begins yearly in October and the spring semester begins annually in April. The exact semester periods will always be announced to all enrolled students by the Department of Management Sciences.

When does the semester start?

​Generally, an academic year has two regular semesters, the summer and the winter term. Each summer term starts in April with a round of about 16 weeks of class duration and concludes with a two weeks examination period in June/July. After exams, the summer term ends up with a summer semester break which lasts until September. Hence, the winter term annually begins in October with regular classes and ends up after around about 16 weeks with the exam period in January/February. The winter term semester break is going on until the end of March.

Where do I find course information/course description?​

To find information about individual courses such as credit load, involved lecturers, teaching and learning methods, recommended literature, and course content, please refer to the course descriptions in our Course Syllabus.

When and how can I register for the courses?

​Attendance in regular lectures is not obligatory, however, the attendance will be checked before each class via a checklist. Students will be provided with a fixed schedule of lecture dates at the beginning of their next respective semester. Hence, students are not required to register for their courses with one exemption: the electives classes in their third semester. Students have to choose two preferred lectures out of six theme-specific electives. The MBA Support Team will provide all students with the necessary information and registration due dates on that issue during your second semester.

What are the timings and duration of the courses?

Welcome Week (first week of the 1st semester) and Intensive Week (first week of the 3rd semester) courses generally last from 9 am in the morning and often end up at 6 pm in the evening. General lectures within the running semester take place during the following time period:
​Fridays: course start is usually between 2-4 pm, course end is usually between 7-9 pm
Saturdays: course start is usually at 9 or 10 am, course end is usually between 4-6 pm

How much time should I plan to spend on my coursework?

How much you need to study always varies of course. A good plan is to create a schedule on your weekly calendar and plan for blocks of time to complete your coursework. Classes will mostly be on Friday afternoons and Saturdays. Students should plan preparation of one hour for every hour they spend "in class".
For each course, students should probably estimate
​- 3 hours per week of reading/preparing of the lecture content
- 6 hours per week ​with working on group work or an individual homework task
​- 6 hours per week repeating the relevant course content
​Please note that this is just a rough calculation of workloads and varies from lecture to lecture and from student to student.  

Do I need to buy textbooks, class literature, or study materials?

​Students of the MBA program will be provided with the relevant course material via their personal "LEA"-Account (password required) in one of the generally used data formats like PDF, PPT, Word, Excel, etc. There is no necessity to buy expensive course material like literature or other media sources while studying for an MBA in CSR & NGO Management. The University library offers a wide range of topic-oriented and general interest books, eBooks, journals, reports, and online media as well as access to various scientific online libraries that can be borrowed by enrolled students of the University with their personal Student ID-Card. Borrowing books from the University Library is free of charge for students.