4 \\ Admissions Interview & Enrolment

Admission Interview

An MBA admissions interview is a type of interview that will be conducted during the MBA admissions process. Round about two weeks after the respective application deadline the pre-screening will be completed and our MBA Management Team will contact you to set a date for a telephone interview. During a relaxed 10-20 min interview we will talk about your motivation, your future career goals and how the MBA fits into your personal career plan.

Preparing for an MBA admissions interview is just like preparing for a job interview, but it´s unlikely that your interviewer will quiz you on obscure knowledge. The interviewer is primarily interested in learning whether you are as compelling in person as you are in paper.

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Enrolment period

Annually: 01. August - First day of Welcome Week (2017: 14.09.)

Students must enrol as soon as possible after admission. The annual ​enrolment opening date is August 1st. Enrolment closing date is always the first day of the welcome week. Later enrolments until October 13th of each years intake can only be accepted when notified early in advance to the MBA Support Team and based on important, not the applicants self-inflicted reasons (e.g. belated VISA admission).