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Department of Management Sciences

Lukas Böhm (DE)

Lukas Böhm

PhD student


Department of Management Sciences


Sankt Augustin




Grantham-Allee 20

53757, Sankt Augustin


+49 2241 865 0

Research Projects


The aim of the project is to develop an innovative, sustainable, land-saving, climate-protecting and environmentally friendly mobility system (continuous, barrier-free and safe means of transport). The project area extends in a tangential brace starting from Hennef (area DB station with connection: Cologne, Bonn: mobility hub A) via the towns of Neunkirchen (portal mobility station) and Seelscheid (portal mobility station) to Overath (area DB station with connection Cologne, Gummersbach: mobility hub B).

Project management at the H-BRS

Veronika Krauß Paul Bossauer

With MIAAS, a European open source platform for decision making based on mobility data is being developed. Key activities are the consolidation and exploitation of shared mobility and public transport data as well as the exploration and development of the required technical infrastructure and interfaces. In particular, a mobility intelligence dashboard will be developed and tested. One research focus is on end user development for machine learning. The goal is to support cities in establishing shared mobility together with public transport as a central component of their mobility strategy. MIAAS will simplify the planning of shared mobility services, improve the integration with public transport and facilitate the data exchange with mobility providers. All core components of MIAAS will be provided as open source. In addition, multimodal data sets for six focus cities will be published. In the future, standardized interfaces will help cities to request data directly from providers and to simultaneously provide regulatory information. Results are to be disseminated at conferences, trade fairs, workshops and in exchange with partners in Europe. Code, data and guidelines are to be published on a website in order to establish a mobility intelligence community in the mid-term. Scientific publications are planned in the fields of end user development, machine learning and multimodal mobility behavior. In addition, a productization by project partners is intended.

Project management at the H-BRS

Prof. Dr Alexander Boden Paul Bossauer