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Please note that you will be assisted with organizational issues in the context of the preparation of your studies on request, especially if you are not living in Germany yet. Please contact the MBA Management Team (info@mba-ngo.com) in need of Support.

The most important issues to be solved prior to your arrival in Germany are probably the visa application procedure, the arrangement of accommodation and health insurance.

1. Applying for a Visa

2. Finding an Accommodation

3. Arranging a Health Insurance Policy


1. Applying for a Visa

To enter the country, you will most likely need a student visa, which you can apply for before your trip at a German diplomatic mission in your home country. If the German embassy or the consulate in your home country requires any further confirmation than the admission letter, please let us know as soon as possible. Submit your application early enough! Visa processing can take several months and you won’t be able to enter the country without a valid visa. Consider to apply for the correct visa! Tourist and language course visas cannot be converted into a student visa. With the wrong visa, you will be forced to leave the country at some point and apply for the correct visa at home.

  • Find more about the visa process here

  • Information about proof of financial resources can be found here

Do you require a visa to enter Germany?​ Watch the Visa explainer video to inform about the different Visa types, application requirements and procedures.


2. Finding an Accommodation

Unlike in many other countries, German universities do not automatically provide their students with accommodation. Instead, students must make their own housing arrangements based on their own taste and requirements. There are a variety of different options in Bonn or near the campuses in Sankt Augustin and Rheinbach, ranging from dormitories to privately arranged flat shares. Finding accommodation in Germany can be difficult, especially while trying to rent a room from abroad, because it is impossible to present oneself to a landlord in person. One option in this case is to apply for a room in a student residence - but this must be done well in advance as space is limited!

As far as accommodation is concerned we highly recommend you to apply for accommodation individually as soon as possible. If you wish to stay in one of the student dorms please contact the Students Union in the city of Bonn for details. A room in a student residence costs between approximately 300 and 600 euro (and you will have to pay a deposit), depending on the size and living arrangement. One advantage is that the rooms are already furnished. Unfortunately, not all pages of the Students Union Bonn are available in English, but email communication in English is of course possible. Please note that the start of rental agreements is usually the first of each month and most places have minimum rental duration of three months. Click here to submit your Online Application to the Students Union Bonn

Most students live in flat shares (WG = Wohngemeinschaft). In this arrangement, each person gets his own room in an apartment and everyone shares the kitchen and bathroom. Advantages of flat shares include reduced living costs and easy access to a social network. The rent will likely be between 300 and 500 euros. However, the rooms in flat shares are generally not furnished. Because flat shares are a popular amongst students, it is a good idea to start looking for one early. There are Internet portals for this purpose, as well as blackboards at the University.

Renting an apartment is generally the most expensive alternative. The advantage, however, is one's own kitchen and bathroom. Students can find rental options in the newspaper, through the blackboards at the University or via many internet portals. Inexpensive furniture can be purchased at many charitable second hand stores.

For the first days, I´d advise you to check short-term opportunities on the Web (for the first days or the first month), once you´re on site, you can manage accommodation searching much better.

Please note: The following are addresses of privately run websites. There have been cases of students being asked by individuals for money before arrival (sometimes to be paid to a non-German account), only to find out later that the flat did not exist or was not for rent. Please be careful, especially if the offer seems too good to be true!

For first orientation on the student´s accommodation market in our region, we recommend to check the DAAD-Database on "Student´s Accommodation Finder"

Private student residence in Bonn
Except the Students Union Bonn, there are further private or confessional students residence houses across Bonn where you can also apply for an affordable student accommodation:
Stella Matutina e.V
Student residence at Clemens-August Street
ROM.HOF Studentisches Wohnen in Bonn  
Schänzchen Bonn
StudentsHome Bonn
House4Students Bonn
House Annaberg Bad Godesberg
Dunant-Haus​ in Rheinbach (right next to our UBRS Campus Rheinbach)
StuHaus Sankt Augustin (right next to our UBRS Campus Sankt Augustin)
​Web-Portal: StayToo

Temporary and short-term, furnished accommodations
Please check also sort-term options via
SofaFrei Bonn (offered by the General Students' Committee of Bonn)
Blues & Chutney Bed & Breakfast
Zwischenmiete Bonn 

Youth Hostels / Vacation rentals / Hotels
Please also take the opportunity to stay for few days at a hostel or an youth hostel until you find the right room or flat for you. Here are some links to youth hostels in our area: Max Hostel Bonn
Gruppenunterkünfte Bonn
DJH Jugendherberge Bonn
GZ Hotel Bonn City

Facebook-Groups for accommodation search
Don´t underestimate the great potential of finding an accommodation on social media, especially Facebook. Here are some of the most relevant Facebook-Channels with respect to (temporary) shared flat or accommodation vacancies in Bonn and Region:
Uni Bonn WG Börse
WG Zimmer frei in Bonn
WG-Suche, WGs gesucht, Zimmer vermieten in Bonn
Wohnung Bonn mieten - Wohnungsmarkt
WG Bonn - Flatshare, Zimmer mieten, Wohngemeinschaft, Raum
Wohnung frei in Bonn
Nachmieter Bonn - Mietwohnung & Wohnungssuche, Wohnungsbörse

Shared-Flat offers
On the following sites you´ll ´find numerous vacancies in students shared-flats:

Single Apartment offers
UBRS Magazine Doppelpunkt
Fausa Wohnbau


3. Arranging a Health Insurance Policy​

You will also have to contract health insurance before you arrive in Germany. By law you are not allowed to enter Germany without a valid health insurance. To our students from abroad we usually recommend MAWISTA, in case their own insurance does not cover everything. This private health insurance is especially designed for foreign students, visiting scholars, or language students in Germany. You will find further information here: http://www.mawista.com/kiuk/

For contracting issues you can contact the insurance company directly (please refer to our institute).

After your arrival in Rheinbach you will have to organize the following:

  • Registration as MBA-student at the university (The registration fee is about 285,-€. It includes a public transport ticket for entire North Rhine-Westphalia. Registration has to be renewed every semester.)
  • Opening a bank account
  • Applying for a residence permit for the city of Bonn
Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg

Any questions left?
If so, do not hesitate to ask the MBA Support Team for assistance: info@mba-ngo.com

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