LEA training courses for students

How to register for a course?
As a member of a learning group, which tools can I use?
How to work with the LEA wiki?

These and other questions will be answered in our LEA training courses on the following topics:

  • LEA crash course for students: Login, password change, the Personal Desk, course registration.
  • LEA special: Learning groups for students: Setting up a learning group, adding new members, legal settings, communications tools.
  • LEA special: Working with the LEA wiki: Drafting and editing wiki pages, texts and links, images, data files and tables.
  • LEA special - Working with self-learning tools: Learning programs for studying at home, e.g. concerning soft skills, learning types, business etiquette and much else.
  • LEA-Schulung - Creating surveys


Please note: We adapt to your individual needs for training and time scheduling at any time. Simply send us an e-mail.