Equal Opportunities Committee

Opening hours: 
by arrangement
Grantham-Alle 20
Sankt Augustin
The Equal Opportunities Committee advises and supports the Equal Opportunities Commissioner in all aspects of the family-friendly, gender-responsive university.


Members of the student body: Jana-Sofie Karg (FB06) and Klaus Hoge (FB01)

The Equal Opportunities Committee is composed of six elected employees, two elected students and the Equal Opportunities Commissioner of H-BRS. The elected members are elected on a gender-balanced basis by their status group; for example the female research associates are elected by the female research associates, and female students by female students.

The Equal Opportunities Committee elects the Equal Opportunities Commissioner and his/her deputy at the recommendation of the Equal Opportunities Commissioner. The Equal Opportunities Commissioner and his/her deputy are appointed by the President of the University for a term of office of four years. The term of office begins on the first of November of the respective election year.