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Department of Computer Science

Announcement: System lockdowns on 28 June and 4+5 July 2024

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Friday, 28 June 2024


09:00 - 23:00


System lockdown

Access to several central systems will have to be blocked on 28 June and 4+5 July 2024 for necessary work related to the implementation of the campus management system Apollo (HISinOne). This will cause considerable disruptions throughout the university on the aforementioned days, especially in the examination and student administration.

The following systems will be unavailable during the lockdowns on Friday, 28 June 2024, and from Thursday, 4 July 2024, starting at 9am respectively:

• Student Information System (SIS)

• Apollo (HISinOne)


• partly: DIAS (features related to the Student Life Cycle, see below)


The lockdowns affect all users of the above-mentioned systems:

All students,

All departments,

• Language Centre,

• Examination Service,

• Registrar's Office.

In particular, the following functionalities are affected by the lockdowns:

• Examination registrations and de-registrations – should be completed before the system lockdowns if possible, but can be sent by e-mail to the Examination Service during the lockdowns if necessary. The contact details can be found there:

• Transcripts, certificates of good standing, study certificates and other certificates cannot be retrieved or issued by the Examination Service or the Registrar's Office.

• Retrieval of the semester ticket is not possible. • Workflows related to the Student Life Cycle, i.e. practical semesters, study abroad semesters, registrations for final theses and others do not work.

• Final lists of examinees, which would normally have to be created during the days of the lockdowns, must instead be created the day before the lockdown.

• Grade lists cannot be sent to the Examination Service by the examiners

We kindly ask to pass on the above information in the departments, especially to the students, so that everyone can prepare for the unavailability of the systems, especially with regard to exam registrations and de-registrations.

We hope for your understanding for the temporary disruptions.

Your team from the HISinOne implementation project