HBRS team is visiting Columbia University in New York

Wednesday 11 September 2019
Augmented Reality has become popular not only among computer scientists e.g. in games like Pokemon Go. As opposed to virtual reality users do not immerse themselves completely in a virtual world but they see their actual surroundings plus extra information that has been created virtually through open data glasses.

As part of the DFG-funded project "Multisensory View Management for Augmented Reality", the team around Prof. Dr. Ernst Kruijff (together with Christina Trepkowksi, Alexander Marquardt and David Eibich) will spend two weeks at the well-known Columbia University in New York.

The aim of the project trip is to investigate the influence of environmental factors such as brightness and motion on perception in augmented reality. At Columbia, the team is actively collaborating with Prof. Steven Feiner, an expert in computer graphics. 



Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg
PhD student Christina Trepkowski with laptop and Prof. Ernst Kruijff behind the glasses at the Columbia campus