Our Start-ups

For many years now, Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences has supported students, alumni and employees of the university in founding start-ups. Here is an overview of some of the start-ups that have been established so far.

Your start-up is missing? Send us an e-mail to gruenden@h-brs.de, so we can add it to the list!




Logo von adiutabyte.

Founders: Dr. Dustin Feld, Philipp Rinner, Vanessa Wolff und Eric Schicker

Connection with H-BRS: Eric Schicker is an alumnus of H-BRS.

Year of establishment: 2019

Business model: Adiutabyte is all about fleet planning. Adiutabyte is a software that uses optimization algorithms to find the best solution for complex planning processes. This is intended to relieve the workload of employees and to avoid unnecessary effort. Currently, the software is mainly used in the healthcare industry.


Alice and the Builders GmbH

Logo von Alice and the builders

Founders: Martin Hensel, Michael Sczepanski und Finn Herpich

Connection with H-BRS: Martin Hensel is an alumnus of H-BRS.

Year of establishment: 2015

Business model: Planning of software projects; Software projects from start to finish (planning, development & implementation, operation & maintenance).


Animal Tree

Logo von Animal Tree

Founders: Achim Rehahn together with students of the university

Connection with H-BRS: Achim Rehahn is an alumnus and temporary lecturer at H-BRS

Year of establishment: 2020

Business model: One-stop animal funeral: fire and tree burial for animals; Different urns options: biodegradable ones which will grow into a tree in memory of the beloved animal or ceramic ones.




Logo von Cheveo

Founders: Clemens Christen, Danyal Iqbal, Kevin Engels

Connection with H-BRS: Clemens Christen und Danyal Iqbal are alumni of H-BRS

Year of establishment: 2019

Business model: Customized software – made-to-measure through an individually adapted solution concept. “The company's focus is on developing industry-specific software solutions, mobile apps and cloud computing.” - cheveo.de



Logo von Coachinho

Founders: Dennis C. Eck und Max Knorreck

Connection with H-BRS: Dennis C. Eck is an alumnus of H-BRS.

Year of establishment: 2021

Business model: Learning platform for soccer. Streaming Service that allows members to watch online football lessons from professionals.


  • Graduates of the DIGITALHUB.DE accelerator-program
  • Start-up grant.NRW




Logo DeepSkill

Founders: Miriam Mertens and Peter Goeke

Connection with H-BRS: Miriam Mertens is alumna of the H-BRS. Peter Goeke is LfbA and contact person for the topic of teaching in the Start-up-Manufaktur.

Year of establishment: 2020

Business model: DeepSkill offers digital human resource development for people-centred leadership. The programmes are tailor-made for leadership development, talent retention and digital transformation.

Website: https://deepskill.com/


3D Druck Bornemann

Logo des Start-ups 3D Druck Bornemann

Founders: Jan Bornemann and Tim Bornemann

Connection with H-BRS: Tim Bornemann studied at the H-BRS.

Year of establishment: 2019

Business model: 3D Druck Bornemann is an online manufacturing platform that gives its customers access to additive manufacturing processes - from prototypes to small series. 3D BO combines on-demand manufacturing and an in-house 3D printing center to offer matching quotes, cost-effective parts and short lead times using the latest technologies and materials.





evemo logo

Founders: Lukas Böhm and Felix Peters

Connection with H-BRS: Lukas Böhm and Felix Peters are research assistants at H-BRS.

Year of establishment: 2017

Business model: With evemo, everyone becomes a mobility provider themselves in no time. Whether car, bike or scooter sharing, evemo offers the appropriate software and hardware. Innovative ideas and individual requirements are also no problem.



hûs+ (husplus GmbH)

Logo des Start-ups husplus GmbH

Founder: Tobias Hamacher 

Connection with H-BRS: Tobias Hamacher is an alumnus of the H-BRS.

Year of establishment: 2018 

Business Model: flower, our first product, is a digital ecosystem for plant care. It consists of physical sensors, a smart cloud platform, and an app for Android and iOS. flower takes care of the real-time monitoring and watering of our customers' plants. 


  • Supported by: Alpha Accelerator Digital Hub, Technology Transfer & Start-up Center of the University of Paderborn
  • formerly Start-up grant.NRW.



Individual Collective

Logo Individual Collective

Founders: Jan Sieger, Manuel Joao and Juri Kunsagi

Connection with H-BRS: Jan Sieger is a student at H-BRS. 

Year of establishment: 2021

Business model: Individual Collective is a streetwear brand with a focus on sustainability. The garments are produced in an environmentally friendly way, and for every garment purchased, a tree is planted in the world to further combat climate change.

Website: www.individual-collective.de



Logo Inmex

Founders: Axel Ifland

Year of establishment: 2015

Connection with H-BRS: Alumnus

Business model: inmex GmbH stands for innovative plastics technology and offers plug-in, energy-efficient plasticising technology for injection moulding machines and extruders in which the heating elements are integrated into the cylinder. Energy efficiency analyses are also offered as a service.

Website: www.inmex.de



Kelo Robotics

Logo von Kelo Robotics

Founders: Prof. Dr. Prof. Erwin Prassler

Year of establishment: 2020

Connection with H-BRS: Professor

Business model: KELO Robotics provides a collection of modular industrial robot components as building blocks, which can be used to build mobile robot platforms with the performance of mobile industrial robots in the shortest time possible.

Other: First place in the national competition of the Entrepreneurship World Cup 2021



Logo von Kleenecode

Founders: Oliver Kattwinkel und Christian Klassen

Connection with H-BRS: Oliver Kattwinkel was a scientific assistant at H-BRS

Year of establishment: 2019

Business model: Kleenecode specializes in the development of software systems for more efficient and ecological agriculture. Through the use of new technologies, technologically advanced software solutions can be offered.




Logo von l3montree

Founders: Sebastian Kawelke und Tim Bastin

Connection with H-BRS: students at H-BRS

Year of establishment: 2020

Business model: Secure and made-to-measure software with a user-friendly design. Consultation on all questions around IT.


  • During the corona pandemic: Development of an app for human resource planning and free of charge provision of this app to Corona testing and vaccination centres
  • Alpha Accelerator Program (DigitalHub)



Logo von Litello

Founders: Prof. Dr. Thorsten Bonne, Goddarz Mahbobi, Olaf Hinz, Jörg Stirnberg

Connection with H-BRS: Thorsten Bonne is professor at H-BRS

Year of establishment: 2018

Business model: Litello focuses on modern learning through contemporary digitalized didactics. At Litello, content is prepared in a compact format so that students can start learning immediately.





Logo des Start-ups MotorschadenVergleich.de

Founders: Jonathan Schulte, Julian Schulte, Josua Schulte

Connection with H-BRS: Julian and Josua are alumnus of the H-BRS

Year of establishment: 2019

Business model: MotorschadenVergleich.de is a comparison portal for exchange engines, engine repair and vehicle sales. We help you to find the best option and offer for your engine damage.



Logo von MöbelFirst

Founders: Dennis T. Franken und Christoph Ritschel

Connection with H-BRS: Christoph Ritschel is an alumnus of H-BRS.

Year of establishment: April 2016

Business model: MöbelFirst is an online sales platform for furniture speciality stores. MöbelFirst wants to help small and medium-sized retailers with the market entrance for online retail. Therefore, the platform takes care of, among other things, order processing, customer contact and inquiries, as well as online marketing and payment processing. Thanks to a lot of know-how and experience, MöbelFirst can professionally operate various channels such as OTTO or eBay and even offer customer support and logistics abroad.




Logo Pawox

Founders: Patrick Wolf

Year of establishment: 2020

Connection with H-BRS: Alumnus

Business model: Patrick Wolf designs websites for owner-managed businesses and self-employed people and ensures a consistent appearance.

Website: www.pawox.de


Pepa Lani

Logo von PepaLani

Founder: Thilo Kanther

Connection with H-BRS: Alumnus

Year of establishment: 2020

Business model: Pepa Lani offers a wide range of premium stationery products, e.g. planners, notebooks, bullet journals and calendars.





Logo Qimia

Founders: Mehdi Pourfallahi and Saba Fallah

Year of establishment: 2015

Connection with H-BRS: Mehdi Pourfallahi is an alumnus of H-BRS

Business model: Qimia supports customers in the realisation of IT projects with next generation technologies.

Website: www.qimia.de



Schwimmschule Nessy

Logo des Start-ups Schwimmschule Nessy

Founders: Valentin Kaymer and Bünyamin Sarikaya

Connection with H-BRS: Valentin Kaymer studies business psychology at H-BRS.

Year of establishment: 2020

Business model: The swimming school Nessy teaches children in Hennef how to swim. With various course models, children are introduced to swimming in a friendly atmosphere, without fear or coercion. In addition to baby swimming and water familiarization for the youngest, junior and seahorse courses as well as advanced swimming sessions are offered. 


Skymatic GmbH

Logo von Skymatic

Founders: Tobias Hagemann, Sebastian Stenzel, Christian Schmickler

Year of establishment: 2016

Connection with H-BRS: Sebastian Stenzel is an alumnus of H-BRS

Business model: Development of encryption and IT security solutions. For this purpose, Skymatic has developed the software Cryptomator that allows files to be encrypted in the cloud.


  • In 2016, the software Cryptomator received the CeBIT Innovation Award 2016



True fruits GmbH

Logo von True Fruits

Founders: Inga Koster, Marco Knauf, Nicolas Lecloux

Connection with H-BRS: all three are Alumni of H-BRS

Year of establishment: 2006

Business model: Distribution of smoothies and juices


  • 2nd place in the NUK Business Plan Competition 2006
  • 2009 German Founders Award
  • Founders of the “Eier aus Stahl” Award
  • Since 2015 market leader in terms of sales in the chilled fruit sector


Key Visual von SUPRA; Logo des Auftraggeber des SUPRA-Projektes: Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie, EXIST, Europäischer Sozialfonds, Europäische Union
The Start-up-Manufaktur is part of the Start-up Programme Sankt Augustin Rheinbach (short: SUPRA), a project funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy as part of the EXIST programme (Logos: Exist.de)