GM 1: Information and Communication

At the conclusion of these courses the students will be able to describe and develop marketing strategies and concepts including fundraising and campaigning activities for NGOs and Corporate Social Responsibility Concepts.

3.1.1 Marketing:

Objectives: Analyse the relevant multi-dimensional environment, and describe how organisations develop mission statements and objectives. How they develop principles of social responsible marketing and the role of ethics, with the environmental forces that affect attractive resp. needed segments, with suitable marketing-mix-strategies.


  • Marketing in a changing world: satisfying human needs, social responsibility and marketing ethics

  • Strategic marketing planning process

  • Scanning the Marketing Environment (market development, market structure, buyer behaviour)

  • Market dynamics and competitive strategy

  • Core marketing strategies, e.g. market segmentation and target markets, positioning and differentiating, developing new and global market offerings,building successful brands

  • Strategic marketing mix with new-product development and product life-cycle strategies and pricing/conditions, communication and promotion and placing (distribution) strategies

  • Specific marketing strategies for NGOs.

3.1.2 Fundraising, Lobbying & Campaigning:

Objectives: Based on Marketing theories in profit and non-profit organisations, the role and functions, concepts and instruments in successful fundraising, lobbying and campaigning are focus of the course, with a domestic and an intercultural approach.


  • Marketing in the Nonprofits sector

  • Strategies, concepts and instruments in Fundraising, Lobbying and Campaigning

  • Intercultural specifics in communication and cooperation

  • Performance measurement and controlling of fundraising activities (resp. lobbying, campaigning)