Christian Tode has been professor of economics, esp. innovation economics, at Sankt Augustin campus of H-BRS, since September 2019. He teaches introductory economics subjects to students of Business Management and International Business as well as Internet Economics in the Economics specialisation of the Business Management programme.

He studied energy systems technology at Clausthal Technical University. Later working at the R&D department of a utility company, he became increasingly interested in economic issues. He then earned his doctorate in economics at the Institute of Energy Economics at Cologne University (EWI). As a doctoral candidate, Christian Tode worked at EWI in consulting and applied science projects for European utility companies, start-ups and political institutions. After earning his degree, he managed a team of research assistants working on energy trading and digitisation. To prepare for a professorship at an applied science university, he returned to Cologne University as a post-doc and worked at the intersection of economics and business information systems. During this time, he served at H-BRS as a contract lecturer.

Christian Tode earned international experience on two longer stays in Japan. From 2010 until the Tohoku earthquake in March 2011, he stayed in Tokyo on the “Language and Practice” programme of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and learned Japanese while also studying the Japanese culture and business world.

His academic focus will be the micro-economic investigation of digital innovations. He is particularly fascinated by the influence of digital innovations on B2C and B2B interactions.

The Cologne native likes spending his free time with his family or playing the contrabass and Go.

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