real time curing and failure analysis of thermosets

Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg
Duroplasts which are cured during fabrication are frequently used in the entire polymer industry: automotive, aerospace, medicine, elektronic devices, etc.

Project description

The construction of high quality polymer products, bondings and composite materials requires:

  • wide knowlegde about the materials used
  • reliable quality control for incoming and outgoing products
  • high process safety
  • reliable suppliers

Already for construction planing, proper materials have to be chosen. Not only the final price, but also the material properties such as the possible strain or influences by surrounding media have to be taken into account. In case the material fails during the fabrication, a lot of problems and costs may arrise. Material faliure may disturbe the whole construction process and even may influence subsequent orders, especially when productions runs 24/7 and "just in time". And this is where not only the source of failure, but also responsibilities has to be clarified. At this point, failure analysis can help to find which parameters led to the final material collapse. But which of the high variety of methods is the right one? How can I minimize the number of analyses and costs and get the fastest results? Aim of this Project is to teach strengths and weaknesses of the most important polymer analysis methods. The most common applications in terms of polymers, composite materials and adhesions are demonstrated with special respect for failure analysis and quality assurance. 

This includes the following analysis methods:

  • Microscopic methods (light, digital and SEM)
  • thermic analysis methods (DSC, DMA and DEA)
  • mechanical analysis (static and dynamic)
  • special polymer analysis methods (pyrolysis GC-MS, SPME-GC-MS, RFA, FT-IR, XRD, etc.)

Project manager at H-BRS

Prof. Dr Johannes Steinhaus

Professor in Materials Science - Hybrid Materials and Failure Analysis
CEO TREE Institute
Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg
johannes.steinhaus [at]

Co-operating professors


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