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EnerSHelF closing event in Ghana and first publications

Closing Event EnerSHelF in Ghana

Wednesday 22 March 2023

The EnerSHelF project ends after four years of cutting-edge interdisciplinary research on improving and disseminating marketable PV-based energy solutions for health facilities in Ghana. In the first week of March 2023, the project team met in Ghana for the closing workshop and visited the field sites. The closing event was successful in disseminating the research results to relevant stakeholders.

The workshop started with presentations by the principal investigators of EnerSHelF – giving a short introduction to the project and welcoming the participants from academia, media, governmental agencies, industry, sectoral associations, health facilities, and international donors. It was followed by two parallel sessions and a moderated panel discussion with representatives of the project, the Ministry of Health, and the Ghana Health Service.

During the parallel sessions, the different work packages presented their research findings. One session aimed at technical considerations while the other targeted strategic considerations.

On the project website you will find a detailed article about the closing event in Ghana.

Two policy briefs published

EnerSHelF Policy Briefs

In the process of finalizing the EnerSHelF project, two policy briefs have already been published. In a condensed form, they present findings and key recommendations derived from the research for relevant stakeholders and policy makers.

Business Brief published

Business Brief EnerSHelF Project

Photovoltaic energy solutions for Ghana: Considerations for business development

Farewell from the EnerSHelF project



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