Legal Affairs

Opening hours: 
Monday to Friday
By appointment
Grantham-Allee 20
Sankt Augustin
Email Address: 
Justiziariat [at]
We are at your disposal as your contact for the following matters:
  • Legal advice to the university management, departments, university administration, central institutions and divisions
  • Performing legal supervision in student affairs
  • contractual matters
  • University regulations and examination regulations
  • Organisation and implementation of university elections
  • Academic self-government matters
  • Carrying the official seal


Official notices

Merlyn Debus

legal advisor
for the areas: Department 03 + Department 06 + Library
Zur Personenseite
merlyn.debus [at]

Corinna Wischke

legal advisor
for the departments: Department 01 + Department 05 + Institute for IT Service
for the committees and focal points: University council + official seal
Zur Personenseite
corinna.wischke [at]

If your area is not listed, please contact Ms Strasser or the general mailbox