Our understanding of cooperation

The university now cooperates with more than 80 partner universities in more than 30 countries worldwide with the aim of facilitating student and academic exchanges, transnational educational projects and courses of study offered by German universities abroad.

The selection of partners and countries is primarily quality-oriented and based on subject expertise rather than emphasising regional focus. In keeping with the university development plan, special attention has been paid in recent years to seeking new partners in developing and emerging countries. New partnerships have consequently been forged with universities in Ethiopia, Argentina, Brazil, China, Ghana, India, Kenya, Namibia and Vietnam.

The vitality of the relationships is reviewed on a regular basis so that the university can concentrate on truly dynamic partnerships. This also conforms with the principle that each new partnership initially requires support from at least one department or university division before a partnership agreement can be signed. The university partnerships are coordinated in the International Office.

The university is a member of various superordinate university partnership networks. These include: