Innovative University @H-BRS

Since July 2017, H-BRS has held the title of “Innovative University” after beating a number of competitors in the national and regional competition of the same name. Based on its “Campus to world” concept, it will be building up an “Innovation Mall” for its research and transfer activities over the next five years. It will receive around nine million euros in funding over the next five years.
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The Innovative University sponsorship initiative at a national and state level considers the third mission of universities alongside teaching and research, “transfer and innovation”. The federal government and states are providing a total of 550 million euros for applications from universities within the Innovative University scheme.

Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg
High-resolution display wall at the Institute of Visual Computing (IVC) at H-BRS

With its winning “Campus to world” concept, H-BRS wants to build on its existing transfer toolkit and adapt to the changing requirements of the economy, society and academia. They are also aiming for a massive expansion of their networking with the regional and national surroundings. The central element of the concept is the “Innovation Mall”: This represents a physical and virtual location for networking and exchange which enables transfer into and out of the university.

Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg
Process for extraction of biomolecules, Department of Natural Sciences (AnNa)

“Among other things, we will be setting up a citizens’ workshop in line with Citizen Science competitions,” explains Prof. Margit Geißler, Vice President for Research and Young Academics at H-BRS. The establishment of a centre for transfer and research management is the key strategic project component. There are plans for structural project contribution in the fields of security (biometrics and forensics) and digitalisation (visualisation showroom).

Further structural measures affect the project component of local innovation partnerships, which address extending the range of positive location-dependent transfer effects, while the forum tackles issues of responsibility, ethics and responsible action on a participatory basis. CitizenLab is the project component which focuses on knowledge transfer into civil society.

The starting point for the Innovative University is on 1 January 2018, with the Centre for Science and Technology Transfer at H-BRS taking over project management. The plan is initially to implement seven parallel project components and two implementation projects with a longer planning and preparation time. An Innovative University project panel will accompany the whole project.