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Department of Natural Sciences

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Prof. Dr Michaela Wirtz

Vice president transfer, innovation and sustainability/Professor for Chemistry, espec. Instrumental Analysis and Physical Chemistry


Department of Natural Sciences, President's Office, Vice President Transfer, Innovation and Sustainability (VP4)


Sankt Augustin


E 232


Granthamallee 20

53757 Sankt Augustin




E 110


Von-Liebig-Str. 20

53359 Rheinbach


Consultation hours for students in summer semester 2022:

Wednesdays, 12.00-12.30am as Webex-conference, starting 13.04.2022

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  • Instrumental Analysis (BSc NatFor, BSc CM)
  • Advanced Analytical Methods (1. Sem. MSc AQS)
    IR, Raman, NMR, MS
  • Physical Chemistry

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My expertise:

Many years of experience in the field of instrumental analysis in both a scientific and industrial context, specifically:

  • Analysis of harmful, undesirable trace substances / contaminants (e.g. N-Nitrosamines, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, …)
  • Establishing of risk prevention strategies to avoid contaminants and to improve product safety and –quality.
  • Analysis of functional, cosmetic and agricultural products and substances
  • Analysis of bio markers relevant in health aspects
  • Analysis of the efficiency of artificial skin models

Expertise in analytical technologies:

  • One- and multidimensional coupling of gas chromatography and mass spectrometry systems
  • Coupling technologies involving specialty detectors (GC-TEA, GC-IMS)
  • Ion mobility spectrometry
  • Infrared / Raman spectroscopy
  • Capillary electrophoresis
  • High performance thin layer chromatography

My range of services:

  • Collaboration on research projects within the respective R&D fields
  • Consultation in matters concerning analytical chemistry and services, collaboration with external partners possible (external partners are for example specialised laboratories, R&D institutions, from other universities etc.)
  • Evaluation of analytical results and consultation for the optimisation of product quality, product safety and processes
Academic/ Research staff:

Curriculum vitae

Research Projects


N-nitrosamines, along with other pollutants, have become a cross-sectoral, persistent, and important health issue in various areas of occupational, environmental and product protection in recent years. They are among the organic nitrogen compounds with a high carcinogenic potential. The aim is to provide a new method with which, firstly, nitrosamines in air and, secondly, also in other matrices can be measured more sensitively than before with simultaneous robustness and result validity.

Project management at the H-BRS

Prof. Dr Michaela Wirtz

The occurrence of N-nitrosamines is an important public health issue. Due to their good water solubility, they enter the aquatic environment via industrial and municipal input pathways. For companies, they are a major problem due to their carcinogenic potential, diversity and versatile occurrence due to frequent formation in technical processes. The aim is to develop a sensitive, sufficiently selective, economical, and on-site analytical method with sample preparation that can be automated as much as possible.

Project management at the H-BRS

Prof. Dr Michaela Wirtz


In addition to the publications listed in the publications list, a wide range of chemical and analytical scientific issues were evaluated in the years from 2006 to 2016, however, these were not published in scientific journals due to the protection of industrial interest.

Further Information


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