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Diversity at H-BRS

Inclusion at H-BRS

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Inclusion is an important level of diversity at H-BRS: Persons with disabilities and chronic illnesses are part of the diverse landscape of our university.
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It is an important concern of the university to enable all students to study successfully - no matter what personal and physical prerequisites students bring with them. Disabilities and chronic illnesses can be visible or invisible - inclusion means that we not only perceive diversity, but also see its potential and promote it through appropriate measures and projects.  

The H-BRS is integrating the topic of inclusion more strongly into the various university levels with the help of the "Inclusive University NRW" funding programme and is developing additional measures.

In addition, the Respekt! initiative offers various activities on inclusion through the format Respect! Inklusiv offers various activities on inclusion and inclusive action.


Information Collection Inclusion


Toolbox "Inclusive action in teaching and togetherness" in LEA

Barrierefreie IT

Information Portal and Guidance "Digital Accessibility" (Intranet)


Guide "Compensation for disadvantages and inclusive examinations" - in preparation


Information guide for autistic students - in preparation

FAQ Inklusion

FAQ Inclusion

The following FAQs provide answers to frequently asked questions about inclusion at H-BRS.

General questions on inclusion and accessibility

How accessible is the H-BRS campus?

Most of the buildings on the Sankt Augustin campus are accessible. On the following page you will find a corresponding list: Accessibility at Sankt Augustin Campus.

Due to the current flood damage at the Rheinbach Campus, accessibility is currently restricted in some buildings.

If you have any questions regarding structural accessibility, please contact the Health and Disability Commissioner.

Room numbers at Campus Sankt Augustin (from Facility Management):

Building A: A008, A024, A116

Building B: B030, B102, B138, B202, B268

Building C: C009, C054, C111,

Building E: E016, E114, E214

Building F: eigene Kabinen in F235 und F236

Building G: G040, G122, G250

Building H: H001.1, H101.1, H201.1

Building S: S003

Where can I find retreat places on campus?

After consultation with the Health and Disability Commissioner, the first aid room can be used as a place of retreat. Further places of retreat can be requested from the Inclusion Assistance.

Additionally, the Room of Silence is freely available to all members of the Hochschule-Bonn-Rhein-Sieg at Sankt Augustin Campus (B153). Due to the current flood damage, the Room of Silence at Rheinbach Campus cannot be used at present. For more information, please see the following information page on the Room of Silence.

When the weather is suitable, the campus garden (green areas behind the A-building) also serves as a possible retreat.

Where can I find information on digital accessibility?

University employees can find answers on digital accessibility in the information portal "Barrier-free IT" (available on the intranet).


Contact points for students, prospective students, international students and employees

I have a disability or chronic illness and am a student at H-BRS. Who do I contact if I have any questions?

If you are currently studying with a disability or chronic illness at H-BRS, the Health and Disability Commissioner will help you with any questions or problems. You can reach the commissioner directly via the website of the Health and Disability Commission.

What exactly is the project "Inclusion assistance" about?

H-BRS offers students support through an inclusion assistance. You can find further information about the project on the following page: Inclusion assistance.

I am interested in studying at H-BRS, who is my contact person on the subject of disability or chronic illness?

If you have questions about the general conditions for studying with a disability or chronic illness at H-BRS (for example, about structural and organisational conditions), the Health and Disability commissioner will assist you.

The inclusion assistance can help you with the organisation of your studies or communication with teachers.

If you have questions about disabilities and studying in general that do not directly concern H-BRS, the Competence Centre "Studying with Disabilities and Chronic Illness in NRW" (kombabb) will help you. You can reach the competence centre directly via the linked information portal.

I am an international student with a disability or chronic illness - who do I contact if I have any questions?

If you have general questions about studying at H-BRS, the International Office may be able to help you.

If you have any questions about disabilities and chronic illnesses, you can also contact the Health and Disability Commission.

I need information on the subject of disadvantage compensation or would like to apply for disadvantage compensation - who should I contact?

Applications for compensation for disadvantages during studies and/or exams must be submitted to the chairperson of the examination board of the respective department.

If you have any general questions or issues, you can contact the Health and Disability Commissioner, who can also help you during coordination with the Examination Board.

I am an employee of H-BRS - who can I contact for assistance?

For general questions, The Health and Disability Commission also acts as a contact point for employees.

For questions about organisational and structural conditions of the working environment, the inclusion coordinator will be able to assist you.

For questions, comments and concerns about equality and anti-discrimination, the AGG representative serves as point of contact.

General enquiries about discrimination can be made at the various anti-discrimination contact points.

Concerning the topic of in-company integration management (BEM), the BEM team will support you.

Where can I find assistance for anti-discrimination and conflict situations?

On the following page you will find contact points for anti-discrimination.

If you are a person with a disability or chronic illness and are not sure which contact point is right for you, you can first contact the Coordinator for Inclusive University.

I have a disability or chronic illness and need psychological help. Who can I contact?

If you need psychological assistance, you can contact the psychological counselling by Studierendenwerk Bonn.


Phone: +49 228 73-7106

Who can I contact with general questions and comments on the topic of inclusion?

If you have any general questions or comments, please contact the Coordinator for Inclusive University and Diversity, Katrin Maag:


Phone: +49 2241 865 9582


Contact form for inclusion, disability and chronic illness

In addition to the contact points mentioned above, students can also easily contact the Diversity Management and the Disability Representation using the following form.


More on Inclusion


Katrin Maag

Katrin Maag

Coordinator Inclusive University and Diversity


Sankt Augustin




Grantham-Allee 20

53757, Sankt Augustin

Contact hours

Monday to Thursday


+49 2241 865 9582
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Sarah Friedrichs

Head of Diversity Management, Senior Expert for Diversity and International Affairs to the Vice-President


Sankt Augustin


E 236


Grantham-Allee 20

53757, Sankt Augustin

Contact Points

Diversity Management


Sankt Augustin




Grantham-Allee 20

53757 Sankt Augustin

Opening hours

By appointment