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Diversity at H-BRS

Respekt! Inklusiv

Respekt! Inklusiv is part of the Respekt! initiative. Students and employees can learn more about inclusion and acting with inclusion in mind through Respekt! Inklusiv. In addition, they can get involved with their own ideas and activities regarding inclusion. Below you will find more information about activities and offers in the Respekt! Inklusiv initiative.


Respekt! Inklusiv Focus Points:

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STUDY: all around studying

In STUDY you will find all the Respekt! Inklusiv activities that relate to studying and which support students with different physical or mental conditions (e.g. disabilities or chronic illnesses), as well as activities strengthening mutual recognition and respect among students.


  • Inclusion Assistance for Students

Do you have a disability or chronic illness and think you need support in organising your studies? On the page for our inclusion assistance you can find out more about the free and non-binding offer and how you can approach us.

  • Exchange format: Peer Space Inklusiv

The Peer Space Inklusiv is an open exchange format. It offers affected students the opportunity to exchange ideas and network. The aim is to create a safe space where students can talk about their everyday study life with a disability, chronic or mental illness and their experiences without feeling judged or stigmatised.

Dates of the Peer Spaces can be found on the following page:


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TEACH: Information for teaching

In the future, information for teachers on the topic of inclusion will be made available via TEACH. Educators will have the opportunity to learn more about inclusion and the design and methods of inclusive teaching.

Links to other projects in the area of inclusion and teaching:

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INFORM – Information resources on inclusion

All university members can find general information on inclusion and inclusive action here.

INFORM activities:

  • Talk Inclusive

Studying or working with a disability or chronic illness is often associated with individual specificities - certain things are different during studying or working, making certain actions more difficult. Often, people who are not affected are not fully aware of this - this includes, for example, which illnesses or disabilities can have certain effects. We would like to raise awareness about disabilities and chronic illnesses and give you the opportunity to talk about the topic and ask questions.

The Talk Inklusiv events can be carried out online as well as in presence.

  • Inclusive Interview: Me and ...

Students and employees with disabilities or chronic illnesses are part of the university. As part of our series "Inclusive Interview: Me and ..." they give insights into the different work and study realities on campus.

Inclusive Interview - Me and Autism: Benjamin Jan Kronberg studies mechanical engineering product development and speaks about studying with autism.

To the interview


  • Further activities:

Purple Light Up:

In 2021, H-BRS participated with its inclusion actors on the International Day of Action of People with Disabilities (December 3, 2021) in the "Purple Light Up" campaign. A video statement was released to create more visibility for inclusion and the importance of inclusive action.

To the video


You would like to become actively involved yourself? Feel free to contact the Respekt! team.

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