Room of Silence

Contemplation, rest and retreat - the Room of Silence serves for this.

The Room of Silence is open to all members of the university: Campus Sankt Augustin  (B153) and Campus Rheinbach (A163.7). Due to the current flood damages at Campus Rheinbach the Room of Silence cannot be used there at the moment.

Raum der Stille, Room of Silence

The Room of Silence is intended as a place of contemplation, rest and retreat. Respect for the faith, feelings and beliefs of others is expected from all users. Tolerant behaviour towards people with different opinions and the recognition of religious and ideological pluralism is obligatory.

The room can be used for contemplation and rest by individuals of any ideology or religion. Thanks to its neutral nature, the room is suitable for prayer of all denominations, for meditation, etc.

Room of Silcence, Raum der Stille

In order to ensure a pleasant use of the room for everyone, we kindly ask you to follow the room user guidelines.

The room can be used during the regular opening hours of the university. The transponder for opening and closing the room can be picked up at the reception in building A of Campus Sankt Augustin and Campus Rheinbach.

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bode, Vice President International Affairs and Diversity, is responsible for the room.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Friedrichs, Head of Diversity Management.