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Starting a Business in Germany (for non-EU-nationals)


Dienstag, 30. Mai 2023


17:00 - 19:00

You are an international from outside the EU? And you are eager to work self-employed or start your own business in Germany, but don't know where and how to start? In this talk, you'll learn the most important things to know prior and during the process of starting a business in Germany - such as special requirements for Non-EU-nationals and specific German regulations. The talk will be given by the experts Stefan Sauerborn and Erdal Yildirim from the Office for Economic Development of the City of Bonn. Bring all your questions to the Q&A session following the talk!

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We invite all international students or staff at H-BRS interested in founding their own business in Germany to attend our online event on May 30th to get you ready for your journey into self-employment!

With Germany's strong economy and business-friendly policies, it has become an attractive destination for entrepreneurs from around the world. However, navigating the legal and administrative requirements of starting a business as a non-EU national can be challenging.

This event provides a comprehensive guide to the process of starting a business in Germany, with a specific focus on the unique challenges faced by non-EU nationals. By attending this event, you will gain a better understanding of the legal and bureaucratic processes involved in founding a business in Germany, as well as learn about the resources available to support you in your entrepreneurial journey.


The event will be hosted in cooperation with the University of Bonn and the Office for Economic Development of the City of Bonn.

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