Human Biology and Histology

Compulsory Course

  • in BSc Applied Biology, 2nd Semester
  • 6h/week (4L+E/2P)
  • Credits: 7 ECTS

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Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg



  • Basics on structure and function of the different tissue types
  • Detailed presentation of macroscopic and microscopic morphology and function of  the different organs and organ systems of the human body


  • Exercises are included in the lecture to repeat the subject matter and to prepare for the exam.

Practical Course


  • Preparation of a histological specimen: sectioning and staining
  • Microscopical inspection of selected histological specimens: Identification of relevant structures under the microscope
  • Presentation of one histological specimen to the class 


Basic knowledge on cytology


Written exam 60 %

Lab report 20 %

Initial test at the beginning of the practical course 10 %

Oral presentation 10 %


  • M.H. Ross & W. Pawlina: Histology - A Text and Atlas; Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. 

  • B. Young, G. O´Dowd & P. Woodford: Wheater´s Functional Histology; Elsevier.

In German:

  • U. Welsch: Lehrbuch Histologie; Elsevier.
  • R. Lüllmann-Rauch: Taschenlehrbuch Histologie; Thieme.