Diversity at H-BRS


For us, embracing diversity means appreciating differences and creating equitable conditions.

Our university values equal opportunity and diversity. The H-BRS offers university members an appreciative and cooperative working, learning and living environment, takes into account the professional use in different life contexts and leads students to the best possible success in their studies. Diversity management strengthens togetherness, serves to secure the future of our university and has an impact on the region.

Events: Diversity and initiative Respekt!



World Politics on Campus: Dealing with global crisis.

Discuss current political and international issues with international and national personalities and decision-makers.

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World Politics on Campus



Empowerment & Resilienz bei Behinderung oder Erkrankung

Mit der Workshopreihe "Empowerment und Resilienz bei Behinderung oder Erkrankung“ bietet das Diversitätsmanagement der H-BRS Studierenden mit Behinderung, chronischer oder psychischer Erkrankung die Möglichkeit, wichtige Kompetenzen im Bereich Selbstregulation, Stressmanagement und Empowerment auszubauen. Die dreiteilige Workshopreihe findet vom 14. bis 16. Dezember 2022 statt.

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International Conference Virtual Mobility for All

We invite all educators, international office managers, university administrators and learning technologists across the globe to share their education innovations. Join us for a one-day conference held in the Cologne-Bonn region on our H-BRS campus in Sankt Augustin, Germany to discuss how merging digital and international activities can benefit the global engagement among higher education institutions around the world. The hybrid and in-person conference brings together a community involved in developing new internationalisation formats that include innovative digital learning scenarios that support global digital learning. The event will showcase different formats of global digital collaboration such as virtual or hybrid exchanges, digital summer schools and other formats conducted online in synchronous and asynchronous virtual environments. It also brings together administrators, elearning, and IT experts to find technical and secure solutions in connecting higher education institutions. There will be opportunities to discuss how internationalisation and digitalisation strategies can be transformed to offer more inclusive and diverse opportunities than traditional mobility programs have accomplished in the past. The conference is open to all disciplines and interdisciplinary contributions are most welcome. We will offer online contributions to be streamed during the hybrid event for university partners in different time zones. We want to expand the opportunities of virtual mobility for all students. We encourage students to submit a contribution by showcasing their experiences in virtual mobility schemes.

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ViMoAll internationale Kooperationen
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Our diversity strategy includes the following target areas

  • Strive for academic success

  • Increase diversity competence

  • Shaping cooperation in a spirit of partnership, enabling participation and ensuring equality

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Diversity audit successfully completed

In a two-year process, H-BRS underwent the diversity audit of the Donors' Association for the Promotion of Sciences and Humanities in Germany. On March 9, 2021, the university received the "Shaping Diversity" certificate from the Stifterverband for a successful audit.

Our Diversity Map

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According to a recent survey, there are about 50 projects, areas of responsibility and measures at the H-BRS that address a specific diversity dimension, contribute to increasing diversity competence and work towards equal opportunities. These projects, areas of responsibility and measures can be found in the following diversity map: (barrier-free variant):


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Sarah Friedrichs

Head of Diversity Management, Senior Expert for Diversity and International Affairs to the Vice-President


Sankt Augustin


E 236


Grantham-Allee 20

53757, Sankt Augustin