Teaching at H-BRS

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Teaching at H-BRS combines scientifically substantiated content with a high level of applicability for later professional practice. Dedicated teaching staff provide students with important competencies and methods that enable them to solve problems independently. The Centre for Teaching Development and Innovation (ZIEL) supports the university in continuously developing teaching.

Teaching at H-BRS

Through our teaching, we want to enable lifelong learning, scientific thinking and understanding, as well as critical reflection and action. For us, teaching means bringing knowledge to life and making it usable. As stated in our mission statement "Leitbild Lehre", the teaching staff at H-BRS understands learning as a common process in which both sides grow and gain.

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The Mission Statement "Leitbild Lehre"

Leitbild Lehre der H-BRS

Our mission statement was published in June 2020.


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Ranking and Awards

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Day of Teaching

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Teaching Award at H-BRS

Strategies in Teaching

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Strategy for Digitalisation

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Strategy for Transfer

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Strategy for Internationalisation

News from Teaching and Learning

Stefan Brüggemann Honorarprofessor FB 06 Ernennung 2024-07-09

Politik analysieren: Stefan Brüggemann ist Honorarprofessor

Design Thinking 2024

About wild bees and scrap bikes: final presentation in the Design Thinking seminar

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Ernst Kruijff: Niederländischer Meister