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Administrative unit 5: Student Affairs and Student Advice Centre

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The administrative unit Student Affairs and General Student Counselling takes care of students' concerns. All matters relating to counselling, applications, enrolment and examinations are dealt with by the three teams: Student Advice Centre, Registrar's Office and Examinations Office.

Student Advice Centre

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Overview Student Advice Centre


International Students

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Kennenlernangebote (only available in German)

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Advice For Students


Angebote für Schulen (only available in German)

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Contact Student Advice Centre

Registrar's Office

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Overview Registrar's Office

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Applying for admission

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Leave of Absence

Tuition Fees

Exemption from Contributions

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Lecture Periods



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Contact Registrar's Office

Examination Service

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Contact Examination Service


Forms of the Examination Service

Teaser Placeholder

Information for new students

Head of Department

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Barbara Schubert

Head of Department Student Affairs and Student Advice Centre, Vice-Chancellor


Sankt Augustin


E 223


Grantham-Allee 20

53757, Sankt Augustin