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Department of Natural Sciences


There are a few requirements you have to fulfill, in order to be accepted in our exchange program. These requirements exist, so we can ensure that you do not overstrain yourself and our partner universities get the motivated students they deserve.
1. Minimum grade point average
  • For University of Dundee and University of Aberdeen: <1.75, all modules and courses of the 1st and 2nd semester passed successfully.
2. Level of teaching language and the country's native language 
  • If English is teaching language: If you have passed our English courses at University Bonn-Rhein-Sieg or were considered fluent enough to choose a different language, no further test is required.
  • Other teaching languages: you must have passed at least A.1.1 (beginner) and it is recommended to have passed at least A.1.2 in order to be able to follow the lectures.
  • Country's native language: It is recommended but not required to have knowledge of the native language.
3. Final admission

Please mind that the final right of admission is with the partner university and might be based on your performance during semester 3 and 4! Usually you have to prove sucessfull participation in all courses and modules of the 3rd semester (later on also of the 4th semester) to continue with the application procedure.

4. Nationality

Members of the European Union: No problem of participating in our exchange program or Erasmus application process. Usually the same is true for every applicant holding a German university entrance certificate (= Hochschulzugangsberechtigung, Abitur or FOR). Please seek advice with either the Department's Team International or the International Office in Sankt Augustin.

Other nationalities: Please mind that (higher) fees may be charged, according to the guidelines of the foreign university and no Erasmus-funding is possible.

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