LEA e-Teaching

How to make best use of digital tools in teaching?
Which questions, ideas and innovations concerning e-Learning move the media didactics?
What to observe regarding the provision of digital teaching materials?

In our eTeaching area in LEA we provide numerous information, collections of links as well as learning materials, with which we would like to support and accompany your deployment of e-learning.

You find there comprehensive information and relevant links on the following topics:

  • digital tools in teaching:​ help, guidance and tips on LEA and e-learning, prototypes of courses, information on ILIAS, voting systems for medium and large seminars, TeX in ILIAS
  • media didactics and general didactics: ​collection of links and ​learning modules
  • LEA best-practice-workshops
  • production of digital learning content
  • copyright and multimedia law
  • scientific work, plagiarism software and university examinations