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"Bildungsfenster" - The Podcast for Digital Teaching

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The podcast "Bildungsfenster" was launched in the winter semester 2020. In a number of episodes, the E-Learning team discusses current developments in media didactics. In addition to interviews with experts in digital teaching, you can listen to conversations on literary topics. This podcast is a production of the university library.

Online Teaching at the Forefront

Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear to everyone: Online teaching is destined for much more than just complementing face-to-face events. Especially during lockdowns, it becomes the preferred means to convey knowledge from the university to students. For digital learning formats to reach their full potential, both didactic and technical knowledge are essential. For about ten years, these media didactic competencies have been bundled together in the university's E-Learning team.

"Bildungsfenster": The Podcast for Digital Teaching...

For those who engage with online teaching almost every day, the challenges faced by educators and students are familiar. Sometimes it's about technological innovations, and other times it's about how to capture the learners' attention. Occasionally, guidance on video production and creating a YouTube channel is sought. The next time, a new update for a video conferencing tool takes center stage. The topics the E-Learning team deals with are diverse.

In the new podcast "Bildungsfenster," this colorful mix is reflected. You can listen to all episodes on Spotify, Apple Podcast , or through your browser on Podigee.

...and Literature

Since its inception, the E-Learning team has been part of the university library. Sitting at a junction where the exchange of knowledge determines daily life, where the library and E-Learning converge, new ideas and exciting topics emerge. These aspects are naturally featured in "Bildungsfenster," including literary themes and interviews with authors.

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Voices on "Bildungsfenster"

Katrin Berchner is a trained radio editor. She learned the journalistic craft in a small business editorial office. Before joining the university, she developed and implemented concepts for learning modules and instructional videos, among other roles.

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Lena Wiesler developed a love for the audio medium during her studies. From listening to podcasts, she moved to podcast research and now hosts her own podcast, "Bildungsfenster." With her experience as a media educator and speaker, she continuously brings fresh ideas to digital higher education.