Commission for Teaching and Learning

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The development of quality in tuition and studying is a key element of the university strategy at H-BRS. To this end, in 2010 the Office of the President introduced a committee under the chairmanship of the Vice President for Tuition, Studies and Further Education. The committee develops strategies, prepares proposals and coordinates central actions. Every structure in the university, the Student Body and representatives of the third-party funded projects in teaching are all represented on the committee.

Currently, the most important topics in tuition, studies and further education at H-BRS are the university's portfolio of study programmes and its development, plus the development of university didactics towards skills orientation and student orientation. The aim of the tuition is to sustainably lodge knowledge in students' minds in such a way that they are ready to apply it, enable them to think critically and analytically, and prepare them for lifelong learning. The committee is concerned with measures appropriate to these topics, for example, university didactics training, quality assurance in tuition, accreditation and re-accreditation of degree programmes, and the expansion of the e-learning portfolio at the university.


Professor Iris Groß
Vice President for Teaching, Learning and Further Education