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Best PhD Poster Award on Research Day

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Tuesday 4 July 2023

More than 20 contributions from doctoral students competed for the three prizes offered at this year's Best Poster Award on Research Day.

The posters had been rated in advance by the research commission of the H-BRS. In addition to the content, the structure, the layout and the quality of the graphic representations were evaluated.  

The posters were on display throughout the day at the booths of the associated research institutes or at the booth of the Graduate Institute. Especially during the PhD Poster Hour, the young researchers were available at their posters to discuss their projects with interested people and to answer questions. Finally, at 3 pm, the poster awards were presented by Vice President Remi Maier-Rigaud and Rainer Herpers as Director of the Graduate Institute. 

Prizes were awarded to:

1 . Prize 
Alexander Busch (TREE, Department EMT).
Linking of optimization processes for sustainable product development in extrusion blow molding

2nd prize 
Usha Singh (Department of Economics)
An experimental study of breaks in shift workers in a particularly stressful 
particularly stressful work environment

3rd prize
Malte Pfennig (TREE, Department of EMT)
Thermodynamical and Electrical Model of a PEM Electrolyzer Plant in the
Megawatt Range

The three award winners about their research projects

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Alexander Busch, PhD candidate at TREE institute, 1st Prize

"As part of my work, I am developing an optimization chain to optimize hollow plastic bodies (classic example: liquid detergent bottles) in terms of their geometry and the distribution of wall thicknesses. The main goal is to make the products as light as possible while meeting all other requirements, such as acceptable load capacity. The challenge is that the optimized product must also be manufacturable.

For me personally, the importance of my work is to contribute to the sustainability of the plastics industry. This is done by reducing plastic consumption and lowering energy requirements in the manufacturing process.

I am still at the beginning of my project. So far, I am really enjoying looking into the complexities of extrusion blow molding and getting to know the process better and better, both in practice and in simulation.

I hope to apply the optimization chain in industrial collaborations and use the results in mass production processes."


TdF2023 Tag der Forschung PhD Award StA 20230621 Foto Juri Kuestenmacher 08.JPG
Usha Singh, PhD Candidate at the department of management Sciences, 2nd Prize

"I am very happy about the recognition of my research work in the form of the second place of the "Best Poster Award". This study is about the introduction of an additional break to improve the working conditions of shift workers in a cognitively very demanding work environment. In a field experiment, it is always particularly exciting to be able to get to know the working environment in the companies. The results will be published in a journal and then hopefully benefit many employees."

TdF2023 Tag der Forschung PhD Award StA 20230621 Foto Juri Kuestenmacher 02.JPG
Malte Pfennig, PhD Candidate at TREE institute, 3rd Prize

"My research focus is to create a simulation model of an electrolyzer that produces hydrogen and oxygen from water and electricity. In doing so, I focus on the heat generation of such installations in order to determine a possible use for district heating or similar. The results of my research can be used for several purposes. First, they can be used for site analyses and second, they will be used in a simulator called MYNTS for district gas network simulations."

I experience the time of my research as very exciting, joyful, but also exhausting. I am especially happy about the motivated and bright team, with whom I really enjoy doing research together on the topic of hydrogen with Prof. Dr. Tanja Clees. I also find it very exciting to work on a hot topic where you can experience the exchange of opinions about the energy transition up close and also join in the discussions."


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