Scholarship Holders in 2021

Scholarship of the Group Master of Autonomous Systems

  • Djordje Vukcevic, M. Sc. Autonomous Systems
    Advisor of H-BRS: Prof. Dr. Nico Hochgeschwender  
    Topic: Exploiting Natural Dynamics for Efficient and Robust Control of Modern Robots

Scholarship of the Department Social Policy and Social Security Studies

  • Filiz Kalmuk, M. of Arts International Marketing and Media Management
    Advisor of H-BRS: Prof. Dr. Hektor Haarkötter    
    Topic: Agenda Cutting: Eine kommunikationswissenschaftliche und medienethnische Untersuchung der Dethematisierung von Nachrichten

Scholarship of the Graduate Institute

  • Robin Paul Strickstrock, M.Sc. Mechatronik
    Advisor of H-BRS: Prof. Dr. Dirk Reith
    Advisor of Universität Koblenz-Landau: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Imhof
    Topic: Automatized multi-scale optimization of force-field parameters for molecular modeling