UV-C Robots against COVID-19

Thursday 30 July 2020

The UV-C robot is a novelty by KELO Robotics. It is currently being tested at the university as part of the DIH-HERO ARODIS project. The goal is the disinfection of surfaces and the destruction of aerosols in the air that are contaminated with COVID-19.

The robot is a mobile platform equipped with 256nm UV-C lamps. UV-C light is an effective way to kill bacteria, viruses and germs. The robot moves slowly over the surfaces to be cleaned, such as walls, doors or tables, while the UV-C light can act on the surfaces and aerosols in the environment.

Although UV-C light is contained in sunlight, a maximum daily dose for humans should not be exceeded. For this reason, the system is equipped with a person detection function that switches off the lamps if people come too close. This allows the robot to operate safely even when people are present.