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Department of Computer Science

Profile Master Computer Science

The goal of the Master's Degree Programme in Computer Science is to provide students who already have obtained a university degree with the opportunity to study scientifically based concepts, methods, and techniques to enable them to both develop these further and to apply them towards the solution of practical problems. The course of studies goes deeper into the material than the first degree programme, is research and development oriented and may require interdisciplinary studies depending on the study focus chosen.

The course of studies is intended for the transfer of know-how and technology by familiarizing students with innovative technologies, teaching students how to solve complex problems using these technologies, and to further develop these technologies themselves. The program qualifies students for responsible, interdisciplinary work in solving demanding problems and prepares them to take over leadership functions in industry, business, public administration, and research and development. Selection of a main focus ensures the graduates of the programme access to technological and economic fields, especially in the fields of bio-medical informatics, media informatics, telecommunication, and information science for business. The Master's Degree Programme in Computer Science is characterized by individual mentoring, guiding students through independent scientific work and through interdisciplinary cooperation in research and development projects.

The academic degree Master of Science is awarded to those who successfully complete the programme. This degree is recognized internationally and may be used to begin a doctoral programme.

Begin of studies: The studies may be begun in either the winter or summer semester.

Accreditation: The master programme is accredited by ASIIN.