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International Office

iStark-Project - Career support for international students

The International Office of the Bonn-Rhine-Sieg University of Applied Sciences (H-BRS) supports international students in their career start and planning in Germany as part of the iStark project by providing consulting, workshops, coaching and initiating contacts with companies.

The iStark-Project is implemented by the International Office and funded by the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge (MKW) of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia as one of the pillars of the NRWege programme. Although the NRWege programme is aimed at the university's refugee students, the iStark-project is open to all international students. The aim is to support and facilitate the entry into professional life and career planning in Germany for international students with and without a refugee background.



With project coordination

We offer students and prospective students with and without a refugee background general consultations on various topics related to the job market. The following explains what we can discuss in these consultations ingeneral. If you are interested, please send us an email to:

Did you obtain your degree abroad and want to get it recognized in Germany?

In a consultation, we can discuss how you can have your qualifications recognised in Germany, who is your contact person in the region in this regard, and which occupational field fits your qualifications. We can also discuss academic opportunities that match your professional interests.

Are you almost finished with your studies at H-BRS?

We can talk about the following in the consultation session: 

  • Your next steps in your job search (preparation of documents, portals relevant to your career choice, etc.). We will make suggestions and refer to you offers in the region. 
  • Your legal situation in Germany regarding the extension of your residence permit.

Are you applying intensively for job postings?

In a consultation, we can discuss how you can best optimise the application process. We also offer you the opportunity to have one of the native speakers in our team check your application formally and linguistically.


Peer coaching or with professional trainers.

We offer international students the opportunity to participate in one to five coaching-sessions, either with German students at the university (peer coaching) or with professional trainers (depending on availability). The costs of the session(s) will be covered by the International Office as part of the NRWege programme.

Are you an international student who is interested in coaching-sessions?

Enrolled international students can apply for one or more coaching sessions. Please send us an email to:

In your email, please share the following: 

  • Your latest CV,
  • A certificate of enrollment at the University of Applied Sciences,
  • Would you prefer the coaching-session to be in German or in English?
  • When are you expecting the coaching-session? (for example, starting from Sep.) 
  • A statement of max. 500 words where you clarify your expectation from the coaching session(s). 

Do you want to become a peer-coach in iStark-Project?

German students enrolled at the University of Applied Sciences can apply to be peer coaches on an honorary basis. If interested, please send us an email to:

In this regard, we in the International Office are in close contact with the coordination of the coSTARK-project and look forward to receiving applications from students of the Business Psychology study programme.

Are you a professional trainer who wants to take over coaching-sessions?

Trainers can take over coaching-sessions with international students at our university and be remunerated on an honorary basis. The sessions with our international students can take place in English as well as in German, in presence or online, as required. If you are interested, please send us your complete application documents to:


In person at the Sankt Augustin campus or digitally

The International Office has organised an online workshop series on the following topics as part of the iStark project in June/July 2023:

  • Finding an internship
  • Preparing application documents
  • Preparing for a job interview 

If you are interested in participating in the same workshop series in October/November, please send us an email to:


Alumni and companies

The knowledge and experience gained in the consultations, coaching and workshops need another step to achieve a successful career: Networking. In cooperation with the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, we offer enrolled international students at our university the opportunity to anchor their network with alumni, but also with companies.

Alumni*ae Day of the Bonn-Rhien-Sieg University of Applied Sciences and the University of Bonn

International Students' Day is celebrated on 17 November. We in the international Office at the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhine-Sieg are planning an Alumni*ae Day in cooperation with the University of Bonn. International students from our university can meet members of the Alumni from our university and the University of Bonn. Experiences, challenges, but also success stories will be told. Be part of it and register by e-mail:

You have the opportunity to participate either actively or passively. Graduates of our university can share their success stories and let international students in the region benefit from them. Do you know any? Feel free to suggest their names to us.

Company Day(s)

We are looking forward to meeting international students during and on the side of the Company Day(s). We will also offer a workshop on the internationalisation of the job market in Germany.