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Department of Engineering and Communication

Confidants in the FB IWK

Die Vertrauenspersonen, die vom Fachbereich gewählt sind, bieten allen Mitgliedern des Fachbereich Ingenieurwissenschaften und Kommunikation (Studierenden, Mitarbeitern und Professoren) vertrauensvolle Hilfestellung an.

The liaison officers, who are elected by the department, offer confidential support to all members of the Department of Engineering and Communication (students, staff and professors).

Whether with...

    personal problems in coping with their studies or study programmes.
    Problems in the university or private environment that restrict or hinder your studies.
    personal or interpersonal problems that affect work within the faculty.

If necessary and desired, the counsellors can also assist in finding professional support facilities and contacts.

The principle of absolute confidentiality generally applies to all contacts with the counsellors.