Health And Sustainable Mobility In Companies

Within the framework of the subsidy programme “ZukunftsWerkStadt” of the Science Year 2012 - “Project Earth: Our Future!”, an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), IZNE develops and implements together with its project partners a moderated process of communication and motivation between the City of Bonn and institutional decision makers in the field of transportation planning. This project aims to improve and make use of the potentials of a sustainable development in the transportation sector, both in the City of Bonn and the overall region.

In this project, the research focus of IZNE was on the sub-area: "Financial and Health Value Creation of Corporate Mobility Management". 

Among other questions, the following were examined:

  • What is the importance of health in local companies?
  • Which measures for workplace health promotion are implemented within the framework of workplace mobility management?
  • Where do employees see a need for action in companies?


Project Management Federal City of Bonn

Project Partner Bonn University, Institut für Raumentwicklung und Kommunikation GbR (raumkom)

Project Duration July 2012 to March 2013