Carnival is...

Thursday 11 February 2021
...en Jefühl. Therefore, we would like to celebrate this feeling with you. And since you wear carnival em Hätze, this is also possible alone zo Hus.
Wortwolke in Form eines Mund-Nasen-Schutzes. Das Thema der Wortwolke war Karneval. Die Wortwolke beinhaltet alle Begriffen, die die Teilnehmenden der Karneval Challenge genannt haben.
Word cloud (in the form of a mouth-nose protection) on the topic of carnival

Also or just because we all stay this year at carnival at home, we would like to spread the carnival virus in the world and share with you the results of the Karneval Challenge, which we have launched on the start of the fifth season on 11.11.2020. For us, Carnival also contributes to intercultural understanding, because then we all speak dieselve Sprach. With our Challenge we wanted to carry this message into the world.

The challenge was "Describe in English to someone who has never been to the Rhineland before what carnival is in one sentence in Englih without using the terms "Alaaf, Kostüm, Kamelle" and name three other terms that you associate with carnival."

In the word cloud on this page you can find all the terms that the participants associate with carnival.

A few possible definitions to describe Karnveal in English are shown here. At this point, we would like to thank all participants once again.

"Carnival is when you just want to go to the toilet, but meet around 50 different people on the way, with whom you end up in a conversation."

"People dress up and are suddenly all the same, regardless of whether they are young or old, rich or poor, everyone is happy."

"Carnival feels like christmas, only that the whole city is your family."

"Carnival is an awareness of life in the fifth season and invites people from all over the world to celebrate life together and have fun, not to take life too seriously and just to enjoy it with love."

"Carnival – some call it the fifth season, others treat it as the only season – is a huge public festival where people celebrate on the streets, make stupid jokes and go nuts or – those who dont like it – hide at home."

"For me Karneval is not just a celebration for getting together and celebrating, but also a festival of respect for different people from all over the world."

“Forget in the fifth season all roles in your bourgeois life and finally give your true inner self a fair chance, everywhere!”

"It is a cheerful chaos!"

We wish you a happy Karneval. Stay at home – and healthy – with Karneval em Hätze!