Trip to Heidelberg

Wednesday 16 November 2011

On Saturday 5th November the International Office organized a trip to Heidelberg.

We started our journey in Bonn with 43 students and two International Office staff members and drove with a bus to Heidelberg. In the bus everybody was very sleepy but after arriving in Heidelberg everybody woke up and was excited about the guided tour through Heidelberg.

With our tour guides we discovered Heidelberg both in English and German. We visited the castle, the biggest beer barrel, the student's prison and the senate hall. The guided tour took about three hours and was not only informative but also very funny. After walking through the city everybody needed a break. Some of us went to Heidelberg University's prizewinning canteen. From 3 o'clock onwards the students had free time to discover Heidelberg by themselves. Some of us took the chance to walk along the "Philosophenweg", in the city or just tried one of the specialties of Heidelberg the "Studentkuss"(student kiss). Around 10 p.m. we arrived back in Bonn very tired, but with a lot of nice memories of our trip to Heidelberg.


The International Office usually offers three trips per year; check out our homepage to find more information.