Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University and District Library is Top of the League in Library Ranking

Friday 11 July 2008
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Sankt Augustin/Rheinbach, 11 July 2008

Competion stimulates business. The University and District Library does not shy away from proving its excellent performance, either - namely by taking part in the BIX 2008 National Library Ranking.
According to the ranking undertaken by the German Library Association (dbv), it shares first place with Zwickau among the universities of applied sciences and was thus awarded a certificate of recognition. A total of over 250 university and city libraries, falling into eight categories according to size and subjects provided, competed against each other.

The University and District Library, which is located in Sankt Augustin and Rheinbach, sees itself as an information provider, educational partner and place of social life. It offers excellent facilities, up-to-date collections and versatile events, to mention but a few of the Library's characteristics that appeal to various groups of customers - from the pupil via the student through to the expert academic. Collaborating with our University's facilities and other co-operation partners, the Library is able to render manifold services and meet the customers' wishes.

Its focus lies on service. The Library was immediately successful in the first BIX Ranking it took part in - which proves that it is on the right track thanks to its concept.

Please note: Media representatives will be invited by the University and District Library to attend a press conference and information event to mark the award ceremony. This event is scheduled to be held in Sankt Augustin in August.

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