Security research

Its civil security research makes H-BRS a knowledgeable and trusted partner for companies and security agencies.
Laboransicht Sicherheitsforschung
Working at the chemical analysis lab. Photo: H-BRS

Our mission is not just to improve technical solutions for public security, but also to develop new procedures.

This is why we work closely with partners from the professional world. This allows us to find the real pain points, test application-ready and innovative procedures in practice as they are being developed, and produce real benefits for the public.

Our partners are not just businesses; we also organize multi-day workshops with security agencies and non-profits, where we train sniffer dogs to detect airborne pollutants.

At its showrooms for biometrics and detection technologies, the institutes for Safety and Security Research (ISF) and for Detection Technologies (IDT) explore the opportunities and limits of biometric systems (such as facial recognition) as well as new procedures for detecting explosives. 

Our vision is to produce research that sustains and improves security for the public and for businesses as we face social changes and technological progress.

Our mission is to identify current issues in security research and work on sustainable, scientific and technical solutions.