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StuPa - the Student Parliament of the H-BRS


Sankt Augustin


C 201.1


Grantham Allee 20

53757, Sankt Augustin

The Student Parliament is the supreme decision-making institution of the student body, representing all enrolled students of Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg (H-BRS). It consists of up to 15 members.

Members of the 25th Student Parliament

  • Maria Aldenhövel
  • Darius Arbabha
  • Jan Behrendt
  • Kai Sebastian Bühner
  • Dennis Günther (Chair)
  • Daniel Feder-Matheis
  • Julian Fiedler
  • Daniel Hartkopf
  • Timo Mansfeld
  • David Mohren
  • Lara Sophia Püschner
  • Daniel Röthgen (Vice Chair)
  • Arne Schreiber
  • Leon Sell
  • Philipp Spelten

Duties of the Student Parliament

  • The choice of the General Students' Committee (AStA) chairman and confirmation of the members of the General Students' Committee,
  • The detection and control of the budget,
  • The decision on the statute of the student body, their complement systems and the contribution rules,
  • The decisions on the financial support of student groups,
  • The review of all student bodies,
  • The decisions on fundamental aspects of the student body.

The Student Parliament is elected by all students in late May each year. Any licensed enrolled student can stand for election by the provisions of the electoral law of the Student Parliament.

The meetings of the Student Parliament are basically public. All students have the right to speak and to make proposals. Only the elected members of the Student Parliament are permitted to vote.

The Student Parliament has established various committees to support its work. The only standing committee is the budget committee. There are also non-standing committees which are held under certain conditions. These include amongst others the election committee.

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