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Department of Social Policy and Social Security Studies

Health Insurance

There is a general obligation to have health insurance in Germany. International Health Insurance is mandatory for all international students before enrolment. Cheaper health insurance tariffs are available for students for the duration of their studies (until the age of 30).

Many students will be able to use their health insurance from their home country. Germany has concluded social insurance agreements with some countries, including the member states of the European Union and the European Economic Area. This means that anyone who has statutory health insurance in their home country can register this insurance cover with a statutory health insurer in Germany. To find out the best way of doing this you will need to contact your local health insurance company. You generally need a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

Private health insurers from other countries are sometimes also recognised in Germany. Your local insurer will be able to provide more information. In this case, you will need a confirmation certificate to enrol in the university. Anyone commencing their studies in Germany with private insurance is then not allowed to switch to a statutory health insurer for the entire duration of their course.

  1. There are health insurance agreements with all EU countries. Students from these countries should bring their home country EU health insurance and submit it to a health insurance scheme of their choice in Germany. They will be then exempt from a German compulsory student health insurance. The EU health insurance must be obtained from the student’s national health insurance in his or her home country before departure. It must cover the entire period of the planned stay in Germany. Otherwise, they have to apply for a German health insurance.
  2. Students from Non-EU countries have to have a health insurance that is accepted by German law. Either the students have obtained a health insurance in their home country which is accepted by German law (unlimited coverage!) or apply for a German health insurance. Some German health insurance companies offer the possibility of online application. For the addresses of health insurance schemes, look in a trade directory or in the yellow pages. The University coordinator will help you if necessary.
Finding insurance in Germany

Anyone who does not have access to their local health insurance will need to obtain insurance in Germany. The statutory health insurers in Germany are obliged to provide discounted student rates for their insurance cover for students until they reach 30 years of age or until the end of their 14th subject-related semester.

You can obtain health insurance from any statutory health insurer in Germany. They generally charge a standard fee for student health and nursing insurance. The membership fee is currently about 80 euros a month. The health insurer will issue you a certificate on the existing insurance cover, which you need to submit during enrolment.

Anyone who is over 30 years of age or has been studying for more than 14 semesters during their period of study in Germany can maintain their statutory insurance, but at a higher rate. Anyone who is over the age of 29 when starting their course can only obtain private insurance.


Please be aware: A private insurance might be less expensive in the beginning; however, fees might change with age. Additionally, you need to pay all doctor invoices before you get the money back from the insurance.
Privat Insurance

If you want to become a member of a private health insurance you need a confirmation of exoneration from compulsory coverage. This exoneration is irreversible during your study visit in Germany. You have to apply for this during the first three months after the start of your studies.

Those students from other countries who are older than 30 years of age or have finished the 14th subject-related semester can only get insurance from a private health insurance company.