Equal Opportunity Commissioner Social Policy and Social Security Studies

The council of the Social Policy and Social Security Studies department has elected Andrea Jussen as the Equal Opportunity Commissioner and Gabriele Klein as her deputy.

The Equal Opportunity Commissioners of the departments assume responsibility for all women, including the students of the department.

This results in the following rights and duties, among others:

  • They are not subject to directives when acting as the central Equal Opportunity Representative.
  • In order to fulfill their duties, they may participate in all meetings and committees of the department with the right to request and speak. They are to be invited like members and informed about the subjects and results of the discussions.
  • They can represent the central Equal Opportunity Commissioner in appointment procedures and are advisory members without voting rights in the appointment procedures of their department and - like other members of the appointment committee - have the right to inspect the application documents.
  • The final statement in appointment procedures is coordinated with the central Equal Opportunity Commissioner. The central Equal Opportunity Commissioner then forwards this statement to the chairperson of the appointment committee.
  • The Equal Opportunity Commissioner participates in personnel recruitment procedures for scientific and administrative staff.
  • The Equal Opportunity Commissioner assumes tasks derived from the department's plan for the advancement of women.