Presented Papers at the Social Protection Symposium 2016

System Variation - Conceptual Variations of SP systems

Paper 1: Role of Civil Society Organisations in the Advancement of Social Protection Systems - Sarah Vaes, Jan Van Ongevalle, Bénédicte Fonteneau (HIVA-KU Leuven)

Paper 2: Power Play Behind the Scene of Redistributive Social Protection Systems? Lessons from Senegal - Jan van Ongevalle, Sarah Vaes, Bénédicte Fonteneau (HIVA-KU Leuven)

Paper 3: Institutional Factors and People’s Preferences in Social Protection - Vincenzo Vinci, Franziska Gassmann, Pierre Mohnen (UNU-Merit MGSoG)

Paper 4: Political regimes and Pro-Poor Transfers in Developing Countries - Marina Dodlova (Passau University), Jann Lay (GIGA Hamburg)

Paper 5: Leave nobody behind. Designing systemic poverty/hunger reduction programs for Least Developed Countries (LDCs) - Bernd Schubert (Team Consult) - Presentation

Paper 6: Social Protection Systems in Latin America’s Southern Cone: Impacts on Social Cohesion - Gala Diaz Langou (CIPPEC)


System Creation - Effective Linkages between SP Interventions

Paper 7: Putting Agriculture into Social Protection Systems: Strengthening Coherence between Agriculture and Social Protection - Marco Knowles (FAO)

Paper 8: Social Grants, Remittances, and Food Security: Does the Source of Income Matter? - (Not published) - Jennifer Waidler (UNU-Merit MGSoG), Stephen Devereux (IDS)

Paper 9: Linking Social Protection Programmes in Ghana; the Case of the LEAP Cash Transfer Programme - William Niyuni (Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Ghana)

Paper 10: A New Social Protection Model in the CIS Countries: From Social Assistance to Labour Activation - Esuna Dugarova (UNRISD)

Paper 11: Can Social Protection Policy Right Past Wrongs? Lessons from Citizenship Driven Social Protection in Pakistan - Ayesha Siddiqi (Royal Holloway University of London)


System Analysis - Analysis of Social Protection Systems

Paper 12: Social Protection System in Bangladesh and the Scope of Social Work: Learning from Lessons on the Ground - Mohammad Monirul Hasan (Bonn University), Trisa Khan (Peace Followers Lab)

Paper 13: Effective Linkages between Social Protection Interventions - Piloting the ISPA CODI tool in Belize 2016 - Thomas Otter (ECI)

Paper 14: Assessing the Capacity of Local Administration and Community Structures to Deliver Social Protection Programmes - Andrew Kardan (OPM), Andrew Wyatt (OPM), Paul Quarle Van Ufford (UNICEF), Ramlatu Attah (OPM)

Paper 15: Money or the message? Evaluating the ‘X-factor’ in graduation programmes - (Not published) - Keetie Roelen (IDS), Stephen Devereux (IDS)

Paper 16: Understanding the Impact Cash Transfers: the Evidence - Francesca Bastagli, Jessica Hagen-Zanker, Luke Harman (ODI)

Paper 17: Non-Contributory Social Transfer Programmes in Developing Countries: A New Data Set and Research Agenda - Anna Giolbas (GIGA Hamburg), Marina Dodlova (University of Passau)

Paper 18: From "Social Protection" to "Poverty Management": The Case of Turkey under JDP (2003-2013) - (Not published) - Yavuz Yasar (University of Denver), Gamze Cavdar (Colorado State University)